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Written in the Stars: A Bridesmaid Dress for Every Zodiac Sign

Planning a wedding? We don’t have to tell you twice that it involves a lot of decision making. If you’re hitting a wall with color schemes, perhaps it’s time to look up for some inspiration. And by up, we mean way, way up. (We recommend a telescope.) Use your zodiac personality to inspire a wedding look that is truly you!

Thank your lucky stars because we’ve unearthed a bridesmaid dress that is perfect for every zodiac sign. All signs point to your bridesmaids looking amazing, and with dresses ranging from $150200, they’ll be grateful too! Scroll down to discover your bridal party horoscope, complete with bridesmaid dress recommendations from the Brideside and Aura collections to get you started!

Brideside Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Zodiac Sign

Pick your zodiac sign from the list:
Aries | Taurus | Gemini | Cancer | Leo | Virgo | Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces

Red Bridesmaid Dresses for the Fiery Aries: March 21–April 19

Aries babes, born early spring, mark the first sign of the zodiac. Known for being courageous and passionate, an Aries jumps into every activity head-first. The Aries spirit is perfectly embodied in a true red color (fitting for a fire sign!).

If you’re an Aries, consider the Aura by Brideside Carina Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Garnet.’ The strong, powerful red color exudes confidence. With a fitted bodice and slim a-line silhouette, the Carina is fabulous without the fuss. 

Aura by Brideside Carina Red Bridesmaid Dress
Shop the Aura Carina Bridesmaid Dress in powerful red shade ‘Garnet,’ perfect for the Aries bride!

Hunter Green Bridesmaid Dresses for the Grounded Taurus: April 20–May 20

Hey Taurus gals! Born in the spring, Tauruses are the most reliable and patient of the signs. Determined and steadfast, it’s no surprise that Tauruses make lifelong friends and partners. They are down-to-earth, but enjoy elevating the senses with good art, cooking and architecture. This practical sign loves earthly beauty, which is why hunter green is the perfect color to represent Tauruses.

Get inspired by this balanced sign with the Aura Portia Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Jasper.’ With smart lines and just the right amount of sheen, the Aura Portia is a no-fail option. 

Aura by Brideside Portia Bridesmaid Dress in Jasper
The Aura Portia Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Jasper’ gets the job done right.

Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses for the Bright Gemini: May 21–June 21

Are you (and perhaps a twin) Geminis? If you’re born in late spring, you might embody the Gemini personality. Geminis have a duality to their personality with elements of both fun-loving enthusiasm and thoughtful consideration. An extremely adaptable sign, Geminis dislike confinement or repetition. Instead, the bright, light-hearted Gemini thrives in a fun color like yellow.

Thankfully, there’s nothing dull about the Aura Gemini Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Citrine.’ Taking a cue from its *perfect* name, the Aura Gemini dress has a lot of paired elements (check out the back!). It’s dramatic, yet classy at the same time. We know Geminis are notoriously indecisive, but this dress feels like the natural choice.

Aura by Brideside Gemini yellow Bridesmaid Dress i

The duality of the Aura Gemini Bridesmaid Dress makes it interesting and fun!

Icy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses for the Gentle Cancer: June 21–July 22

People born in the beginning of the summer fall into the Cancer zodiac sign. June and July are typically sunny months, but Cancer is ruled by the moon, which gives it a mystical quality. The Cancer personality is highly imaginative and deeply sentimental. Cancers feel emotions deeply and will definitely cry at the wedding. Cancers like the relaxing qualities of water, making icy blue is a good color fit.

For the empathetic cancer, we love Brideside Cher Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Powder’ (seen below) or new color ‘Misty Blue.’ Ethereal in color and full of heart, the Brideside Cher wonderfully embodies the cancer sign. Plus, it looks divine on every member of the bridal party!

real wedding featuring Brideside Cher powder blue bridesmaid dresses
Pop the Champagne! Make lovely memories in the Brideside Cher Bridesmaid Dresses, shade ‘Powder.’ Photo Credit: Beth Joy Photography

Orange Bridesmaid Dresses for the Warm-Hearted Leo: July 23–August 22

Leos, can we hear you roar? Those with mid-summer birthdays have all the creativity and spunk! Leos are natural-born leaders, and make for generous and loyal friends. We think Leos personify the color orange, both deep and bright shades.

The lion sign does well with company, so why not dress your pack in bridesmaid dresses like the Aura Zoe Bridesmaid Dress, shade ‘Auburn’? The fluttery sleeves feel regal and refined, but the sunset orange tone adds warmth. Your bridesmaids will look like the Lion Queens in these gorgeous dresses. 

Aura by Brideside Zoe Bridesmaid Dress in Auburn
Leo signs radiate in the Aura Zoe Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Auburn!’

Gray Bridesmaid Dresses for Practical Virgo: August 23–September 22

Late summer birthday? You’re likely a virgo! This sign is hardworking and detail-oriented. A virgo makes for a great friend (and perhaps great wedding planner, too!) because they are excellent problem-solvers. Analytical virgos remind us of a gorgeous gray color. Although grays are often overlooked, we think they deserve some attention because of their versatility and elegance. The pictures say it all!

Check out the Brideside Samantha Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Charcoal’ for a look that is strictly beautiful. With a modest high neck and flowing skirt, it’s easy to see why Brideside Samantha is one of our best sellers. See the beautifully simple look for yourself in this real wedding below! 

Shades of gray and blue bridesmaid dresses from brideside in real wedding photo

The Brideside Samantha Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Charcoal’ (2nd and 7th from the left) is the logical choice for a Virgo. Check out shade ‘Earl Grey’ as well! Photo Credit: Taylor Ann Photo

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses for the Bubbly Libra: September 23–October 22

Hello, libras! Born in early autumn, Libras are cooperative and social beings. This star sign loves harmony and balance. As natural peace-keepers, Libras enjoy sharing thoughts and feelings with others in meaningful discussions. Libras are enriched by good art, music and beautiful spaces. We think these sweet Libras look great in a pastel pink, a color that is emblematic of peace-keeping and tranquility. 

The Brideside Dionne Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Frose’ strikes just the right chord. ‘Frose’ looks great on a variety of skin tones, and the balanced draping is universally flattering. It’s ideal for someone that cares about fairness. (Looking at you, Libras!)

Brideside dionne bridesmaid dresses in pink for beautiful wedding
Brideside Dionne bridesmaid dresses in ‘Frose’ are compliment each other and the bride! Photo Credit: Angelika Johns Photography

Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses for the Passionate Scorpio: October 22–November 21

Any Scorpios out there? These fall babes are always searching for the truth, and we’re happy to oblige: The Scorpio sign is loyal to the end. Stubborn and passionate, a Scorpio is a true companion. They’ll always be honest about how they feel, but never stop loving or caring. Scorpios will always keep secrets, and because of this are said to have an air of mystery. With a flair for the dramatic, Scorpios are a deep red color.

There’s no shortage of burgundy bridesmaid dresses at Brideside, but we think the Aura Vega Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Burgundy’ fits the Scorpio personality to a T. With a subtle fit and flare silhouette and high neck, the Aura Vega is just what the witch doctor ordered…

Aura by Brideside Vega bridesmaid dress in Burgundy
It’s no secret that the Aura Vega Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Burgundy’ matches the Scorpio personality.

Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses for the Boundless Sagittarius: November 22–December 21

The Sagittarius gal has a birthday in late fall, early winter. Idealistic with a great sense of humor, the Sagittarius has wanderlust to the extreme. Open-minded and limitless, this sign values its freedom more than anything else. Sagittariuses are short on patience but they make up for it with abundant optimism. 

For a sign that has no bounds, a deep, true blue feels appropriate. The Brideside Blair Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Lagoon’ is free-flowing with interesting pleating on the bodice. The color is a rich blue, as you can see in the real wedding below! The Sagittarius can take note that the dress is extremely comfortable with thick straps, so they won’t feel constrained on the dance floor.

Brideside Blair Bridesmaid Dress in Lagoon wedding photo
Sagittarii: Imagine all the possibilities in the Brideside Blair Bridesmaid Dress!

Black Bridesmaid Dresses for the Traditional Capricorn: December 22–January 19

Let’s hear it for the Capricorns! This mid-winter group belongs to the element of Earth, and much like its Taurus and Virgo counterparts, a Capricorn is responsible and disciplined. This sign experiences much personal and professional success, due largely to their independent streak and good management skills. Capricorn personalities love time-honored traditions and appreciate quality craftsmanship and design. 

We recommend black bridesmaid dresses for Capricorn signs. The color evokes tradition and formality, and it’s elegant through and through. Take a look at the Aura Astrid Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Black.’ The strappy black dress is the LBD you never knew you needed. Reliable, flattering and a total classic, it’s easy to see why the Aura Astrid is a best-seller. 

Aura by Brideside Black Bridesmaid Dress

Capricorns will appreciate the high-quality details of the Aura Astrid Bridesmaid Dress in a trusted color.

Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses for the Erudite Aquarius: January 20–February 18

The Age of Aquarius is upon us! Aquarians, born in mid to late winter, are known for being deep thinkers, humanists and innovators. They are often shy, but in the right situations they come alive. This zodiac sign needs to be constantly stimulated; they dislike situations where they can’t challenge their minds. 

The intellectual Aquarius is matched by a light blue, a color often used to reflect seeking knowledge. We love the Brideside Lucy Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Moonstone’ for an Aquarius personality. The strapless dress with sheer off-the-shoulder details is airy and demure. It’s very fashion-forward, which will delight the progressive Aquarius. 

Bridesmaid in light blue Brideside Lucy dress
The Brideside Lucy Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Moonstone’ is the smart choice.

Purple Bridesmaid Dresses for the Romantic Pisces: February 19–March 20

Last but not least is Pisces! Pisces babes were born in late winter and early spring. The Pisces is an artistic type, tapping into the beauty of emotions and feelings quite well. Pisces are extremely friendly, and will help out anyone in need. This type is more intuitive than other signs, giving them the ability to understand other people on a deeper level. 

A dynamic purple shade is in order for a Pisces sign. Purple shades are very prevalent in artistic expression, and represent a Pisces well. We know that a Pisces gal will love the Aura Thea Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Aubergine.’ The off-the-shoulder details will remind a musical Pisces of the opera, and the rich purple color commands attention. Elegant with just a touch of drama, the Aura Thea will capture this sign’s heart.

Aura by Brideside Thea purple Bridesmaid Dress
Feel the passion in the Aura Thea Bridesmaid Dress, shade ‘Aubergine.’

Spotting Your Bridal Party Constellation

Bridesmaid dress shopping is a breeze when you look to the skies for inspiration! At Brideside, we also have a dedicated team of stylists that can help you find the bridesmaid dresses of your dreams, with many styles $200 or less! Whether or not you use your zodiac sign to guide your bridal party style is up to you, but we can guarantee that everyone will be starstruck when you and your ‘maids strike a pose! 


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