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Wine Not? Uncorking Our Finest Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Weddings are a special celebration of true and lasting love, a time when we toast the happy couple and wish them a lifetime of happiness. What better place to draw wedding palette inspiration than from wine? Pour yourself a fruity red and browse burgundy bridesmaid dresses inspired by your favorite wines.

The color Burgundy is named for the color of the wine produced in Burgundy, France — très luxurious — and you might be surprised at how many burgundy shades of bridesmaid dresses there are to choose from.

If you’re looking for Burgundy dresses in a variety of colors and textures, you’re in luck! Brideside has everything from Bordeaux, to English Rose (Dare we say Rosé?), with tons of varietals in between. Keep reading for a tasting  of our most popular reds — sorted from lightest to boldest.

burgundy bridesmaid dresses for fall
Robust reds from Dessy and Brideside on display! Shades featured include ‘Burgundy,’ ‘Plum,’ ‘Pinot,’ and more! Photo Credit: Dan Cox Photography

Yes Way, English Rosé Bridesmaid Dresses

If you were to mix the color burgundy with a bit of white, you’d end up with this beautiful dusty pink known as English rose. English rose is a combination of red, magenta and burgundy. It has both blue and slight brown undertones, creating a light and airy look. English rose is perfect as a primary wedding color or can be used to complement darker hues. Whether you’re looking to pair it with navy, crimson or cream, it’s a subtle and classic pink that will brighten up your wedding palette.

Pour up a few of these gorgeous dresses for your fall wedding:

♥︎ Jenny Yoo Logan in ‘English Rose’
♥︎ Dessy Collection Style 3019 in ‘English Rose’
♥︎ Social Bridesmaids Style 8152 in ‘English Rose’

Cheers to Claret Bridesmaid Dresses

Claret is a touch lighter than its classic burgundy counterpart. It still has a purple tinge to its coloring but it’s not nearly as deep. It almost appears a bit dusty. When paired with a Bordeaux, it’s obvious that claret is more purple-based than brown-based. If you’re looking for an unexpected mix and match bridal party, combine claret with crimson, rose and blush colors to create a nearly monochromatic theme that’s feminine and bold. The nice ombre look will photograph beautifully, and allow your bridesmaids to pick the shade that suits them best!

Add some claret to your wedding color palette with styles like these:

♥︎ Dessy Style 3029 in ‘Claret’
♥︎ Jenny Yoo Jules in ‘Claret Sequin;’ perfect for a Maid of Honor dress!
♥︎ Brideside Rachel in ‘Grenadine’ (seen here)

claret red bridesmaid dresses
These bridesmaids are stunning in shades of ‘Claret,’ and ‘Grenadine’ from Brideside and Dessy. Photo Credit: Allie Appel Photography

Intoxicatingly Beautiful Bordeaux Bridesmaid Dresses

Bordeaux is a deep, luscious red color. Although it tends to have a bit more purple hues than burgundy, it’s still easily paired with many of the same colors. Bordeaux is an excellent bridesmaid color, especially for fall and winter weddings. Navy blue, mustard, and cream complement the dark red color without overpowering it. Plus, when used during the autumn season, it’s the perfect nod to the changing leaves.

Check out a few of our best Bordeaux looks:

♥︎ After Six Style 6829 satin bridesmaid dress in ‘Bordeaux’
♥︎ Social Bridesmaids Style 8197 in ‘Bordeaux’
♥︎ Sorella Vita Style 8872 in ‘Burgundy’ (pictured here)

sorella vita bridesmaid dresses in burgundy
Photo Credit: Chris and Cami Photography

Top-Shelf Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Burgundy is a dark reddish purple color with brown undertones. It’s slightly lighter than maroon and almost appears to have blue light. As a wine, Burgundy happens to best one of the most expensive and exquisite offerings available. When choosing burgundy for a wedding color, it’s important to note that this will be a deep, powerful color. Pairing burgundy with lighter colors is a great way to create an elegant, yet unique, color palette. Light blue, white, beige and blush all pair nicely with burgundy without competing against its richness.

Get inspired by a few of our favorite Burgundy bridesmaid dresses:

♥︎ Aura Callista in ‘Wine’
♥︎ Dessy Collection Style 2844 in ‘Burgundy’
♥︎ Brideside Kat in ‘Pinot’

…I’d Rather Have Bubbly

Reds aren’t your thing? Then try a wedding favorite: Champagne! This lovely neutral tone is anything but ordinary when you add a bit of shine. Champagne bridesmaid dresses go well with other soft neutrals like taupe and rose and can also be a great complement to printed dresses.

Sip on these gorgeous dresses, best served sparkling:

♥︎ Brideside Jaclyn in ‘Champagne’
♥︎ Jenny Yoo Lena in ‘Petal’
♥︎ Amsale Chloe in ‘Champagne’

The Right Pairing

With so many shades of burgundy bridesmaid dresses available, you may find it difficult to narrow down the search. The best way to find your perfect color is to decide what other colors you want at your wedding. If you choose cooler colors, Bordeaux or Burgundy may be best. For warmer accent colors, English Rose or Claret are perfect pairings.  

If you’re still unsure of which colors to choose for your besties, sign up to work with a stylist. Our team has the knowledge and experience to match your wedding colors perfectly and find the right shades. They can send you swatches to narrow in on the best wine-inspired palette. In an elegant collection of burgundy bridesmaid dresses, your besties will look as timeless as fine wine standing next to you on your big day!

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