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Yes, You can put your bridesmaids in white dresses too

Have you ever looked up “bridesmaids” on Wikipedia? We have. And apparently, Roman law dictated that a bride and groom be accompanied by five men and five women dressed identically to them to confuse evil spirits. You’re welcome.

short white strapless bridesmaid dresses

Not only did we just give you the ultimate cocktail party go-to, but Brideside is taking it back and exploring the white bridesmaid dress. Not only do white bridesmaid dresses suggest, “Wow, that bride has guts, style, and knows how to hold her own,” but they are also extremely versatile. You can use amazing flower arrangements or statement jewelry if you want to bring in your color accents into the apparel. So yes, you can put your bridesmaids in white dresses if you like.
bridesmaids in white romantic bridesmaid dresses

Brideside is also a huge fan of texture as a way of helping the bride stand out. Play around with different silhouettes and fabrics to give your bridesmaids an understated white look. Then put yourself in a more elegant material and neckline like this stunning lace gown. This is the perfect example of how white on the beach really works!

long white v-neck bridesmaids dresses at beach wedding

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