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Where did the Blush Bridesmaid Dress Craze Come From? And Will it Ever Die?

Every year, blush tops the list of popular wedding colors. If you haven’t been to a dozen weddings where bridesmaids were decked out in blush dresses, you probably haven’t been to a dozen weddings!

Seriously, though, the color is ubiquitous for good reason. Check out our “Ode to Blush Bridesmaid Dresses” to find out why!

Each year and season, soon-to-be-brides wonder if blush bridesmaid dresses are trendy or timeless.  If you’re hesitant to buy into the blush bridesmaid dress trend for fear that they’ll soon look outdated, we’re here to set the record straight. Not only will blush bridesmaid dresses be sticking around, but they’ve also been popular for much longer than you may realize.

Pinks and Blushes: The Backstory

While pink is pretty synonymous now-a-days for feminine self-expression, it began as a shade for men. However, pink was not originally used as a fabric color. It actually started as a paint color hundreds of years ago. BRB, going put this in the Brideside Team’s #reallyfunfacts Slack channel. The more you know!

Over in Japan, pink was seen as an exclusively masculine color and was often used in art to represent warriors who fell in battle. In Germany, on the other hand, artisans saw pink as a subtle, sweet, and harmless color, even in medieval times. In fact, throughout Europe, pink was known as a soft color. During the renaissance, pink was often used in paintings to create a glowing surrounding for religious figures or prominent people. Perhaps because of this, pink became a favorite color of aristocrats during the 18th century.

Also during the 18th century, pink leapt off of painters’ palettes and in to the wearable world. Though the upper classes were primarily the only ones to enjoy this beautiful color, both men and women wore it. Pastel and blush pink were worn in the form of luxurious silk coats, skirts, and bodices. Light pinks could be found in every royal court during this time. Eventually, pink became even more popular as the rich began using it to adorn their homes. Pink and blush is found on upholstered furniture items, beds, curtains, and even wallpaper dating back to this time.

Pink only became more popular from that point. Through the 1950s and 1960s, pink played an important role in pop-culture. With artists like Andy Warhol using it in bright, varying hues to make a statement. Fast forward a few decades and we’re still just as obsessed with pink as those aristocrats and tastemakers of the past!

Pink and Blush Bridesmaid Dresses: Present Day 

Women have been asking their friends and family members to be apart of their wedding for centuries. The idea of a bridal party is said to have started in Ancient Rome, where law required there be at least 10 people present at a wedding to serve as witnesses to the marriage. Another fun fact, they all dressed as the bride and groom to confuse evil spirits looking to harm the couple! During the Victorian era, the duties of a bridesmaid evolved to become similar to what is seen today.  It’s also around this time that brides began choosing dresses for their friends to wear on their wedding day. Bridesmaids actually typically wore white, in dresses similar to the bride’s.  Quickly, though, white began to lose steam as a bridesmaid dress color as the focus was shifted more to the bride. Many brides turned to the various shades of pink for their bridesmaids’ dresses. And voila, the pink bridesmaid dress trend was born!

Blush itself became a popular dress color for bridesmaids during the 1960s. Perhaps it was the muted, understated appearance of the beautiful color, but brides everywhere began incorporating it into their wedding. While the style of the dresses has certainly changed during the subsequent decades, the popularity of the blush color didn’t. It can be seen in bridal photos up through the 1970s, 80s, and even now.

Blush is an easy choice for bridesmaid dresses. It compliments every skin tone and hair color. It’s sweet and romantic and invokes thoughts of love and romance – everything a wedding should be and do! This dusty-pink color can be used in any season. Plus, it’s easily paired with other colors. It’s an extremely versatile shade and allows you to add your own personality to it. Wedding trends certainly come and go, but this shade is one that will be around for decades to come.

Brideside has hundreds of blush bridesmaids dresses in all styles and sizes. Give this classic wedding color a try; you won’t be disappointed! Our wedding experts can help you choose blush bridesmaids dresses for your crew that are fresh, modern, and beautiful; create an account and they’ll start designing your dream blush mood board!

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