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What to Expect as a First-time Bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid can mean many things. Perhaps the bride is your very best friend, and therefore everything about the process feels very meaningful to you. Or, perhaps you don’t actually know the bride super well, but the groom just happens to be your little brother—so here you are.

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You can expect lots of cheersing! Photo Credit: Joshua Grasso Photography

Whatever relationship you have with the bride, there are some foundational things that anyone should expect from themselves in fulfilling their role. From finding the right bridesmaid dresses to accommodating the bride’s need, here’s what you can expect as a first-time bridesmaid. Let’s get this bridal party started!

Being a Friend Is the Most Important Ingredient

Planning a wedding can be stressful in itself, and planning for the major life transition that comes after it is even more to handle. The bride is first and foremost going to need her bridesmaids to be available as friends for the emotional and relational support needed. Being physically present to help with appointments or running errands related to the wedding doesn’t hurt in the least! But the main thing is to be a friend, be available, and engage enthusiastically in the process to help make sure it’s as fun and non-stressful as possible for the bride.

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Delegate, Or Take Direction Well

A bride can’t juggle it all. No one can. So encourage the bride to delegate tasks to you and your other bridesmaids so that you can all come together to help her get things accomplished for the wedding, whether it’s coordinating the right shoes as bridesmaids or picking up some party favors for the reception so your bride doesn’t have to. If she’s unsure what bridesmaid dresses she’d like her girls to wear on the wedding day, you can even schedule a fit party for her  bridal party to try on different styles, colors, and designers. It’s fun, it helps your bride narrow down her bridesmaid dress options, and it eliminates the need to visit a boutique in person. That’s a win for everyone!

Whether the tasks are big or small, letting the bride delegate tasks to your crew can help her manage stress and make the whole experience that much more enjoyable for everyone.

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Reference the Rule Book, Don’t Play by It

There are certain traditions that go along with being a bride or a bridesmaid, but that doesn’t mean that you have to live and die by them. Do what you’re comfortable with and what your bride is comfortable with. If her version of a good bachelorette party is a night with her closest friends on a beach with wine glasses and country music playing in the background, then do it! Not everyone has to go out with sparklers and champagne, if that’s not their style. If you see the bride start to make decisions that are catering more to what her bridesmaids or family want, than what she wants, support her. Stick up for her. Make sure she knows that she doesn’t have to play by the rule book, and that having fun together and showing your support are far more important to you all. It’ll make all the difference.

Support The Couple Through and Through

Did the bride forget something in the hotel room? Is someone’s makeup running? Do you have a spare tissue? The questions are going to come like floodgates, and the bride may not be her most calm, organized self on her wedding day. Whether it’s excitement, nerves, or a combination of the two, she’s going to need you to support her on her big day. Run the little errand for her. Sneak a Kleenex behind your bouquet in case the bride needs it during the ceremony, and make sure someone is in charge of keeping her lipstick and other makeup handy. There’s usually time for a makeup touch up between the ceremony and the reception. Just be there to show support. She may be a bit mentally frazzled in the moment, but she’ll surely appreciate it on a deeper level. It’s a big day. Helping her gracefully through it can’t help but be a deeply meaningful thing. And don’t forget to thank her for including you in her wedding day. Her heart will melt when if you give her something special on the big day. Need inspiration? Shop our gift collection for luxuriously wrapped, carefully curated items.

Is it your first time being a bridesmaid? Perhaps you’ve done this once before, but still find it as intimidating as the first time around. That’s all right! From finding the bridesmaid dresses with the perfect fit for your crew to being supportive to your bride, being a bridesmaid can be an incredibly fun and rewarding experience.

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