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You Found Your Gown, Now What Should Your Bridesmaids Wear?

Centuries ago, bridesmaids used to wear the same gown as the bride to confuse and ward off evil. Now your bridesmaids stand by your side to support you and to serve as a reflection of your personal style. A question we often hear from brides is: How similar to my gown should the bridesmaids’ dresses be? Should I match my bridesmaids dresses to my wedding dress, mix and match or go with the opposite?

This is a great question and our quick answer is: just stay true to your style! If your gown is satin with a sweetheart neck, sure, your bridesmaids can rock it too if that’s what you want. What’s most important is that all attire (yours included) complements the theme, decor and ambience of your special day. Get more tips on choosing bridesmaid dresses here.

Here are some favorite examples of wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses combinations:


The chiffon in this wedding gown is gorgeous. The bride brought it to life and made it her own with the vibrant mixed flowers. The short mix and matched navy blue bridesmaid dresses in  peau de soie aren’t as formal as her gown, but it all ties together beautifully with the color and the whimsical flower arrangements. In this case, it’s not that the wedding dress matched the bridesmaid dresses, but rather that they complimented each other. See how these bridesmaids dresses look with this wedding’s theme.

how to choose purple bridesmaid dresses

This is a great example of a bride who let the specific elements of her wedding dress (the neckline and waist) match some of the bridesmaid dresses. The length and color speak to the formality of the event, but mix and match bridesmaid dresses and personal accessories reveal her personal style. See more inspiration from this elegant contemporary wedding.

neutral bridesmaid dresses brideside
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Samantha Lafoon

Love this. A formal wedding gown outside that keeps this blushing bride at the center of attention and beautiful pastel bridesmaid dresses that bring the whole ambience together. The pastel pink goes great with the delicate floral arrangements and adds a bit of formality with still allowing the bride to radiate elegance.  Get elegant wedding ideas.

Brideside mix and match bridesmaid dresses in shades of pink
Photo Credit: George Street Photo

Some weddings radiate a boho vibe. When planning a more rustic wedding, feel free to let your bridesmaids choose dresses in a variety of styles within a color or color family. This bride opted for a variety of blush, pink and rose bridesmaid dresses chosen by each bridesmaid. Each dress has an element of whimsy found in the brides dress.

bridesmaid dresses

We love this Boho chic wedding, with gorgeous mixed flower bouquets and fun flower crowns. This gorgeous bride donned a gorgeous white bridesmaid dress and let her bridesmaids choose pink and mauve bridesmaid dresses in colors that suited each girl’s complexion and a style, letting all the ‘maids shine. Explore this Boho Chic wedding.

Still need help finding the perfect bridesmaid dress to match your wedding gown? Sign up to meet your personal stylist and feel confident on your wedding day.

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