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New Year’s Eve Weddings Wedding Ideas

“Four, three, two, one….Happy New Year!”

new year eve wedding ideas

New Year’s Eve always brings high hopes for a fabulous celebration, kicking off a new year and new you, and maybe even a kiss at midnight. Often, the reality doesn’t meet the expectations of this night being any different than another night out for a glass of champagne with all of your friends around…because it’s not!

This is why we love the idea of a New Year’s Eve wedding. You’re going to spend months—extra bubbly for you if it’s years—planning the perfect event for your wedding; why not make this a night to remember for all of your guests? Sure, some will say that you’re taking away a personal holiday from your guests, but how many times have we actually had the type of New Year’s Eve that we swoon over in the movies?

As with any wedding, you want to treat your guests to a good time. There are a couple of things to consider with a New Year’s Eve wedding: Timing, timing, and timing. Since New Year’s is typically celebrated at the stroke of midnight you’ll need to make sure to plan back from there. This doesn’t mean that you should steal the spotlight at twelve o’clock since everyone wants to celebrate at that moment. Load up on party hats and noisemakers [love the double use as a place card] for them to grab before a champagne pour at 11:50. Pro tip: Keep the coffee available after dinner so energy levels don’t dip.

Dinner and dancing shouldn’t start as early as grandma might prefer. Setting dinner at 7:00 or 8:00 means that everyone won’t be dying to go home by the time the next year rolls around. You can decide if the reception immediately follows the ceremony or is earlier in the day. Remember that your guests generally can’t check into accommodations until 2:00 so you’ll want to give them time to settle before or after the ceremony.

The final piece of timing comes with invites and schedules. New Year’s Eve weddings are tricky since people may already have plans. You may want to send out save the dates or mail the wedding invites four months beforehand to give your guests a heads up. Just like a destination wedding, when you decide to have a New Year’s Eve wedding you know that some people won’t be able to make it. Check in with the family and friends that you need to have by your side as a courtesy before committing to the date.

New Year’s Eve weddings also need a little more planning around accommodations and transportation since many hotels will fill up for big holidays and cabs are in high demand on New Year’s Eve. Block off rooms at hotels close by or consider hiring a shuttle to help get your wedding guests home safely at the end of the night.

Now the only question is what will your bridesmaids wear? We think these Jenny Yoo metallic dresses are perfect for a New Year’s Eve wedding. Throw in a sparkler exit after the ball drops and we guarantee the pictures will amaze. Your big day will be one your guests talk about every year after!

Tell us what you think about New Year’s Eve weddings. Have you been to one or are planning your own?


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