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9 ways to save on your wedding

Weddings are expensive, and most of us have limited funds to pull off that special day. A great way to control your spending is to build out a detailed wedding budget, but that may not be enough for some brides. That’s why Brideside reached out to some brides and friends to ask for their tips on saving on your wedding. Here are our favorite cost cutting tips:

1. CAKE – Instead of ordering a giant cake that will feed all your guests, order a smaller cake for the visual effect and then a large sheet cake that will actually be cut up and served. Bonus – you can make the sheet cake another flavor if you want to add variety!

2. PHOTOS – Create a #hashtag for your wedding and ask guests to use it on any photos they post on Twitter, Instagram, etc. You’ll save money by having the photographer at the reception for fewer hours. The added bonus is that everyone will be able to see a ton of photos from the wedding right away instead of weeks later, but you’ll also have the professional shots for your actual wall and not just social media.

3. GOWN – Find a sample version of your dress to save up 70% off retail cost. But examine it closely to make sure it’s not damaged – some fixes can be as costly as a new dress.

4. LIMO – Instead of ordering limo service, use Uber Black. It’s still super classy and cheaper than traditional limo service.

5. FLOWERS – When buying your flowers, ask the florist to recommend some lower prices items that have the same feel as the ones you came in to order.

6. GENERAL PREP – You can save quite a bit by renting certain items yourself and putting your family and friends to work. One Bridesider saved over 50% on chair covers by renting them herself and asking family to put them on the chairs in the reception hall. Just remember that your loved ones are there to celebrate with you so don’t assign too much.

7. DECORATIONS – Although some things come standard with the reception hall, if you want special decorations they will cost a lot to rent. Several Bridesiders bought their own vases for their centerpiece flowers. It cost a lot less than renting them from the venue and guests were able to take them home as keepsakes. Even dollar store vases look great with beautiful flowers in them.

8. INVITATIONS – We actually have a whole post on this one! Read about ways you can save on wedding invitations here.

9. PAY CASH – No, it’s not because you want some under the table deal. Vendors get charged at least 2.9% for credit card fees. If you can pay cash, they will likely pass on that saving to you.

Share the wealth and tell us your tips and tricks for cutting costs in the comments below. Happy savings!



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