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Vibe Check: Light Up Your Minimalist Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are a lot of moments for creative expression. For some, this can feel overwhelming (and for others, an exciting opportunity to show off your eye for style!) Whichever side of the fence you’re on, we’re confident that visuals and new ideas can help you get started. Embrace it: This is your chance to entertain, delight and celebrate your love — and what better way than with a fun and unforgettable party.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone. We have put together some trend stories to inspire couples to think outside the box. Hot Tip: If you sign up to work with Brideside, you can get the full wedding style guide for free. Or, keep reading for a deep dive into one of our favorite trends for the trendy minimalist bride, which we are calling ‘Symphony and Light.’ Let’s get inspired together!

Unique Minimalist Wedding Ideas to Inspire

Our ‘Symphony and Light’ trend is all about balance and harmony. Airy spaces, soft hues and poignant details personify simple style and make it memorable. If “Keep it simple!”’ is your motto, this trend might be for you. We’ll show you how to put a minimalist style wedding together that excites and enchants just as much as our other trends. Take as little or as much from these ideas as you need. No fluff, just love. 

1. Seek out natural light with airy venues

Keep simplistic style in mind while doing your venue search. A blank space might seem a little intimidating at first because the possibilities are endless, but you just need to stick to plan. Design imagery (and articles like these!) can really guide you. Go for structure over decor with lofty architectural spaces set in neutral tones. We recommend touring modern spaces that mix organic materials in similar tones like concrete and white brick or glass and steel. High ceilings are a plus, as are unique lighting fixtures and big windows. These details go a long way for a simple wedding. 

Be sure to ask what furniture options are available as well. Lighter woods like pine, beech or maple are great accents to a minimalistic space.Ghost chairs (made of clear acrylic) or white and silver Chiavari chairs are other good options for a muted color palette.

ideas for simple wedding venues from brideside
An open loft space can bring in beautiful natural light for a peaceful ceremony. PC: The Lane

2. Personalize your minimalist wedding invitations

Your wedding invitations can really show off your personal style and wedding vibe! If you’re a designer, going for a simple, yet expressive look can be a fun challenge. There are also lots of online invitation sets you can use too! 

Minimalist wedding invitations are a designer’s dream! Choose modern typography and a crisp paper type to get the ball rolling. Word to the wise: Think about something unique to bring it to life! Maybe it’s a stamp in the outline of your beloved pet, a logo with your initials, an accent in your favorite color or a wax seal. Take some inspiration from this invitation suite below.  The line drawings in the background are a unique touch.

minimalist wedding invitation ideas from Brideside
Simple, yet whimsical, a line drawing characterizes your invites without going overboard from Letterpress Gruekarten and William Hansen

3. Create harmony with bright light and simple botanicals

When your color palette is pared back, it gives you the chance to really play with texture and shape in a way that is pleasing to the eye. We love the bright light from these all-white candles paired with fresh stems. The combination creates a peaceful ambience that is undeniably romantic.

Follow suit with your floral decor! The touches of green create just the right contrast with beige, tan and cream florals. Baby’s breath is the perfect neutral, especially when paired with dried grasses and textured greenery. It’s energetic, but the consistent color family gives it stability. You can even larger stems of dried grasses as a venue decor element; it only takes a few bundles and a simple white or glass vase to make a lovely table centerpiece.

minimalist wedding decor ideas
White candles and organic stems breathe life into your space. Photo Credit: Dearheart Photos and Walnut and Main

4. Make a statement in a minimalist wedding dress

If there’s one thing we are loving in wedding fashion right now, it’s minimalist wedding dresses. A simple wedding dress is the perfect way to let your natural beauty really shine. Opt for simple silhouettes with crisp lines. Consider an unexpected detail like a strappy back or sheer side panels, or shake it up with your accessories instead! (More on that later…)

We recommend fabrics like crepe or satin because it doesn’t take much to elevate them. Luxe crepes and satin will have some sheen, but you can also find a beautiful matte crepe as well. You’ll notice that crepe wedding dresses can come in a variety of weights and textures. Choose the one that feels the most like you! Being your true self is the epitome of romance <3. 

minimalist wedding dresses at Brideside Bride
Jenny by Jenny Yoo Gretchen (left) and Ellera Collette (right) are just two of many simple crepe styles available at Brideside! Sign up to shop Brideside bridal gowns.

5. Mix neutrals and neutrals

We know that inspiration can come from anywhere, which is why we drew a lot from clean, modern architecture for this trend. Neutrals and minimalism go hand-in-hand when it comes to a simple design aesthetic. These basic hues go so well together but without overpowering one another. Don’t be afraid to bring this into your bridal party style as well! We’re feeling this luscious mix of sand, taupe, mocha and cream bridesmaid dresses, but you can also just choose one color or style and celebrate that. This trend is all about easy sophistication. 

Our palette:

Even if you’re only doing one color for your bridesmaid dresses, putting a color palette together can be beneficial. It can guide all of your design and decor choices and help you see the bigger picture. For instance, if your palette leans more toward cool grays and stark whites, you might think about accents of black, but if you’re feeling warm beiges and ivories, you might prefer gold or copper as an accent. Book a virtual appointment to have a stylist help you put your wedding colors together. They’ll even make you a vision board!

mismatched neutral bridesmaid dress palette
Blend your neutrals with shades of beige and champagne! Talk to your stylist to get the look, inspired by this modern minimalist Mexican chapel. Photo Credit: Wit and Delight

6. Have fun with white-on-white accessories

The good news about a minimalist wedding dress is that it leaves some room for you to get really expressive with your bridal accessories! If you’re looking for something unique, ask about our Untamed Petals bridal accessories. We’ve got gorgeous veils, earrings, belts, hairpieces and more that can add a beautiful touch to your wedding day look.

For minimalist brides, we love the idea of white accessories to match a white dress. Opt for ones with dimension and detail like the Jackson Veil or the Paradise earrings. We love the pearl accent! If you want additional help, we’re doing virtual bridal accessories consultations. Click here to get started!

modern bridal hair accessories and earrings
Go for an unexpected detail with the Paradise Earrings or with the Untamed Petals Jackson Veil (seen here with another simple bridal gown: Ellera Ava)! All are available for order at Brideside!

7. Add interest with sleek asymmetry

Interesting angles and unexpected shapes are at the core of this trend, so why not take the hint with your bridesmaid dresses? Be it a one-shoulder neckline or an asymmetrical skirt, angles bring a little something extra to a minimal silhouette. When paired with sleek satin bridesmaid dress fabrics, the style gets even more elevated. Styling-wise, keep the rest of the look super simple with nude shoes and natural makeup and hair. You don’t need a necklace when you’ve got a great neckline! We’re loving these asymmetrical styles:

asymmetrical bridesmaid dresses at brideside
Asymmetrical bridesmaid dresses are trendy and sleek. Sign up to shop the look.

8. Show off an elegant signature cocktail

Make a statement with a cocktail that looks as good as it tastes! Play with non-traditional garnishes in muted colors like baby’s breath or pear slice. Gold-rimmed glasses are a classy touch, but you can also keep your plating simple. (Your guests care most about what’s IN the glass, anyway!) If you’re looking for a simple signature cocktail recipe, think about the drinks you like to make at home and come up with a creative name for it! If you’re still at a loss, wine and Champagne are always great options.

modern signature cocktail for wedding
This contemporary cocktail with baby’s breath garnish is everything! Get the recipe here.

Take a Page from ‘Symphony and Light’

Love all of the ideas in this article? Get more inspiration by signing up to work with us! You’ll get a free style guide and additional help from a Brideside stylist.

Ready to get started now? Book an appointment today to talk to a stylist virtually.

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