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Vibe Check: Bring Your Eclectic Wedding Style to Life

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are a lot of moments for creative expression. For some, this can feel overwhelming (and for others, an exciting opportunity to show off your eye for style!) Whichever side of the fence you reside on, visuals and new ideas can help you get started. Embrace it: This is your chance to entertain, delight and celebrate your love — and what better way than with a fun and unforgettable party! 

Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone! We have put together some trend stories to inspire couples to think outside the box. Hot Tip: If you sign up to work with Brideside, you can get the full wedding planning guide for free. Or, keep reading for a deep dive into one of our favorite trends for the eclectic bride, which we are calling ‘Birds of Paradise.’ Let’s get inspired together!

Vibrant Style Ideas for An Eclectic Wedding

Our ‘Birds of Paradise’ trend is all about exploring color, texture and the great outdoors. If you and your future life partner love to travel, this trend is for you! The vibe pulls in design and cultural inspiration from around the world for an aesthetic that’s a little bit whimsical and a little bit wild. Here are our favorite ideas for an adventure-seeking couple!

1. Go Global With Eclectic Wedding Invitations

Kick off your wedding story with invitations that take the roads (more) traveled! Fun wedding invites set the tone for your event and give your guests something exciting to respond to a few months in advance. Go for a unique color combination — think bright, bold colors like yellows and oranges — and pack a worldly punch with colorful traveler’s stamps. Add a personal touch with a photo of the two of you on your favorite vacations. A cost-effective twist? Mail your Save-the-Dates as postcards. 

eclectic wedding invitation ideas
Say hello to this custom folio wedding invite set by Underwood Letterpress

2. Decorate like the Sky’s the Limit

Achieve a bold color look with brilliant textures that draw the eye upward! Start by hanging fringe lanterns and then mix in some dyed grasses. We love the desert-inspired look of suspended lavender, orange and blush spray-painted bear grass and palms; they add to the bright, festive mood of your wedding day! Throw in some garlands of plant-dyed fabrics as well to add to the effect (a great DIY project or easy find on Etsy!). 

For an outdoor wedding, these decorations can really help frame your space and show off the head table! A gentle breeze gives just the right amount of movement. That said, if you’re booking an indoor venue, consider one that is light and airy. It’ll give you more space to play with vibrant decor!

colorful wedding florals and decor
This ‘A Modern Love’ event for Green Wedding Shoes is nothing short of breathtaking. Planned by: Amorology. Florals: Native Poppy. Photo Credit: Katie Pritchard Photography.

3. Celebrate with a Bold Color Palette (Yes, You Can!) 

Maybe this should have been “Step One,” but goes without saying that this trend is all about color! We promise that if you love saturated hues, you can pull this off — and you won’t regret being true to yourself! Toying with the idea of fun colors for your bridesmaid dresses? We are super excited and ready to help. Make some funky color palettes with your stylist using swatches until you find a combination that speaks to you. Get a head start with this fresh palette we put together:

The Recipe:

mismatched bridesmaid dresses from brideside

Love this colorful mix and match? Get the look for your own bridal party. Sign up today!

This color palette is, fortunately, very flexible. If the Chartreuse yellow, for example, is feeling overpowering, substitute it for a less commanding shade. Choose among any or all of these shades to create the combo that feels right for you. 

4. Let Natural Wonders Inspire You

We love a vibrant color palette for an eclectic wedding. But think about where you can interject some softer tones so the look doesn’t go too psychedelic. The eye needs moments to breathe, after all, so think about adding white, blush, sage or pale orange accents to break up the colorful content. Draw inspiration from your favorite exotic locations. Right now, we’re feeling desert tones and sunsets because the mix of warm and muted hues is playful and unique. 

How to make this come to life? Start by saving your favorite pictures! Your stylist can help you build a palette of color swatches based on an inspo pic. You can use it for your bridesmaid dresses, but it also can apply to much more than that. Use your colors to influence everything from your invites to your table settings. If you’re earlier in the planning process, it can even help you decide what venue makes sense for you. 

desert sunset wedding colors
Find inspiration in anything from a sunset over Marrakech to a California desert escape. (Photo from Siren Floral Company).

5. Blend Fresh Flavors for a Colorful Cocktail

Shake things up with a signature cocktail that’s almost too pretty to drink! (We said almost.) Go for exotic pairings like watermelon and jalapeño or blood orange and ginger. Other insta-worthy options include a fruit-filled sangria or a sparkling wine mixer. Don’t forget to add a sign that showcases your sweet (or spicy) drink menu. 

If your budget doesn’t allow for custom drinks, you could always add a cocktail bar to the side with options for guests to personalize their cocktails. Garnishes always add a festive touch, as do edible flowers, fruit spears, citrus twists and printed straws. These small details make strong celebratory memories!

 unique wedding cocktail ideas
Somebody save us a watermelon jalapeño cocktail from Green Wedding Shoes!

6. Spring for an Eclectic Wedding Dress 

You might think that an eclectic wedding dress has to be wild and out there, with crazy colors and bold patterns that make a big statement. Although this is definitely an option for a non-traditional bride, there are ways to bring some intrigue to your wedding dress that still feel very bridal. Check out bridal gowns that offer texture and dimension with mixed fabrics and unique lace overlays. Form-fitting sheaths and fit-and-flares are great for an eclectic bride who wants to add some drama to her look!

Brideside Bride has lots of whimsical wedding dresses that speak to an eclectic wedding style. Plus, many of these dresses have customizations available if you want to switch up your look even more. Even a subtle change, like adding a Champagne-colored underlay, can give your dress the extra flare it needs. 

Styles to try:

  • Ellera Izzy
  • Ellera Chloe
  • Ellera Clara
brideside ellera eclectic wedding dresses
Ellera Izzy and Ellera Chloe, from Brideside Bride, show off all the fun textures!

Talk to a stylist about wedding dresses like this today!

7. Don’t Forget About Funky Accessories!

No matter what, you’ll steal the show in your *gorgeous* wedding dress, but the right accessories can really complete the look. Look for bridal accessories that play off the texture of your dress without overpowering it. We love a hoop earring like the Untamed Petals Briar (seen here on the left). The pearl adornment is interesting and different while remaining elegant. If you want just a hint of sparkle, the Piper earrings are another great choice. Good news: These are both available at every Brideside Bride location and online. Ask your stylist for details.

Don’t forget that flower wearables are your best friend! Bring the punchy hues that are so perfect for this trend into your beauty with a stunning floral headpiece. The one pictured here is a vibrant combination of peach carnation, yellow mimosa, sword fern, purple allium, red tulip and tiger alstroemeria. This style works well with a low bun or a half-up, half-down hairstyle. There are tons of bright flowers to choose from, and you can even have your hairpiece play off of your bridal bouquet! 

eclectic bridal accessories from Brideside
You can’t go wrong with the Untamed Petals Briar hoop set (left) or a detailed floral hair piece (right, from Youth and Yarrow.)

8. Delight Your Guests with Travel-Friendly Place Cards

Depending on your location, some (or all) of your guests will likely be traveling from other places. Instill a sense of being transported to paradise with place cards you can take with you. Keychains or mini keys are an easy, but memorable, way to do this. Keychains can also double as party favors! Attach them to a place of cardstock with their names and table written down for a true resort experience. (Also a great way to use a cricut machine if you have one.)

Space and budget allowing, hang these up on a large board in a bright color so guests can take them straight off the wall. Decorate as needed with pampas grass and warm florals for an inviting atmosphere. We also love the “Your Seat Awaits” sign!

keychain place cards wedding
Cactus-shaped place cards provide a great memory of a special day.
Photo from Hello Gem Events

Let ‘Birds of Paradise’ Inspire You

Love all of the ideas in this article? Get more inspiration by signing up to work with us! You’ll get a free style guide and additional help from a Brideside stylist.

Ready to get started now? Book an appointment today to talk to a stylist virtually.

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