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With this ring: 5 Tips for selecting your wedding band

While your fiance is likely thinking about the band he is grooving to on your wedding night, you have your mind set on the one that is cozying up next to your engagement ring. Here are Brideside’s 5 quick tips to help you think about your wedding band.


1. Budget and Browsing

There will be too much on your brain leading up to the wedding. Make sure that you nail the budget for wedding bands and pick the ones you want a few months in advance. Don’t end up like Brideside founder Sonali, who was literally picking out (and picking up) the one for her husband moments before she left for the airport to her wedding!


2. To Match or Not to Match. That is the Question.

Brideside wedding bands

Do you and your main squeeze want matching wedding bands? We’re not necessarily suggesting it, just proposing that you have the conversation before you dive any deeper into searching.


3. Pave or Solid?

Brideside Wedding Bands

When considering colored stones or even a simple pave, think about your rock and whether adding other stones could distract from its brilliance or enhance it. If your main attraction really shines on your finger, adding other diamonds or gems on your band may detract from its perfection. But if you think blingin’ it up is going to make your engagement ring stand out even more, go for it.


4. Symbol or Statement?


Brideside wedding bands

About a year ago, Refinery 29 wrote a cute post about statement wedding bands. Some ladies wear both rings together and others like to be more understated and just rock the band. If that’s the case, maybe consider doing something flashy. It really comes down to whether the band is a symbol or a statement to you. Most importantly, remember that it isn’t any piece of jewelry. Make sure it remains meaningful, even if it is unique.


5. There could be baby bands and push presents in your future.


Would you rather splurge on your fiance’s version of a band instead of the one of your finger? Perfectly reasonable. You can go simple for now and get the upgrade at other milestones in your life together — anniversaries, just because, babies. Tell him you got the idea from us. We’ll take the heat for you. We’re sorry. (No we’re not.)








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