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Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime occasion to celebrate the people you love. If you’re the bride, that means that your favorite people are planning and preparing to come together to celebrate you, and what a lovely occasion that is to celebrate! Robe gift boxes, spa treatments, and personalized accessories are just a few great gift ideas that you can give your bridesmaids to make them feel gorgeous and appreciated as they support you.

Luxurious Robes

Every bridal party needs soft, beautiful robes they can wear while their hair and makeup is done, and before they put on their gorgeous gowns.  not to mention the cute pictures that will be captured in them. So why not give cute robes to your girls so that they can feel the regal energy that you’re sure to be emanating on your big day, too? Silky, floral, preppy, or cute, there’s a robe style for every girls’ personal style. Floral prints are especially popular these days!

Pampering for Days

Spa treatment aren’t just for special occasions. They can also be a way for you and your friends to prepare together for your big day and feel relaxed and camera-ready for your big day. An adorable satin sleep mask, luxurious hand lotion, or an anti-aging facial mask are all fun ways to pamper yourself before your wedding, and they’ll help you look and feel your best!

Unique Accessories

You know your bridesmaids better than anyone does! You’re in touch with their distinct personal styles and can translate them into fun little accessories that suit each of their personalities. Let’s say you want to get your bridesmaids each a simple and beautiful bracelet. If you can find a common theme, such as a monogrammed style with each bridesmaids’ initial, you can give them unique gifts wiht a common theme. Wearing the bracelets is a special way for bridesmaids to remember the special time they spent with you on your wedding day, even after the event is over!

From robe gift boxes to spa treatments and personalized goodies, there are so many unique gifts that will make your girls feel special without breaking your budget. Explore, create, and see where the planning process takes you!

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