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Try on Wedding Dresses at Home with Brideside Bride

Due to shelter-in place requirements from Coronavirus, we had to temporarily close all Brideside Bride showrooms. Although trying on wedding dresses in stores isn’t an option right now, we knew there was more we could do for brides-to-be during these uncertain times.

Shopping for bridal gowns is such a fun and exciting part of wedding planning, and something that many brides look forward to. To help brides continue to plan — and have something special get excited about during a difficult time — we’re piloting a new bridal gown try-at-home program in Chicago. This is a new addition to a variety of different virtual appointment types we offer, including bridesmaid appointments, bridal accessory consultations, color and fitting consultations and more.

try on wedding dresses at home with Brideside!
Try on dresses like Brideside Ellera Hazel! Book an appointment today.

Keep reading to learn more about the Brideside Bride Try at Home program and how you can get dresses at your doorstep!

How to Try on Wedding Dresses at Home

Step One: Request a try at home bridal experience in Chicago

Step Two: Your bridal stylist will reach out to you to schedule a virtual consultation. In your appointment, you’ll walk through a digital lookbook and narrow in on 2–4 of your favorite styles. 

Step Three: Your stylist will curate an assortment of bridal gowns that spark joy for you to experience in person and schedule a (contactless) drop-off and pick up at your doorstep. There is a $50 fee, which covers the cost of delivery both ways and cleaning before and after your appointment. Now for the good news: The charge can be applied as a credit to your future gown purchase!

Step Four: You have 24 hours — pop the champagne and try on your gowns! Get that full-length mirror ready and have a virtual try-on happy hour with your loved ones. Your stylist will be available for extra guidance too.

Step Five: Pack up and send back your samples the next day. Your stylist will be in touch to schedule a pickup and follow up session (virtual or IRL). Together we’ll find your perfect dress!

brideside wedding dress try on
Ask for Ellera Marion in your wedding dress at-home try on!

Brideside Bride Try at Home FAQs

How long will I have the dresses? 

You’ll have these beauties for 24 hours. Your stylist will schedule the courier drop off and pick up for you, so all you have to do is return the dresses to their garment bags and we will take care of the rest.

How much does it cost to try on wedding dresses at home?

The bridal try-at-home service is $50. The good news: If you make a future bridal gown purchase with us, we will use this fee as a credit toward your dress!

What do I do with the dresses when I have them?

Try them on of course! Here are our top tips:

  1. We recommend getting a little glammed up prior to your at-home wedding dress try on. So take a shower, do something fun with your hair, throw on some lip gloss… whatever makes you feel special! 
  2. If possible, wear skin-colored undergarments so they won’t show through in pictures. 
  3. Speaking of pictures, take lots so you can remember the dresses! Take videos too to show the movement and shine of the dress. We promise it helps.
  4. Set up a meeting with your stylist virtually during your wedding dress try on session. They can talk through how to clip your dress if needed, as well as any fit concerns or customizations available.
  5. Invite a few loved ones to join the virtual call and share the excitement with them.
  6. Bridal gowns and Champagne go hand-in-hand. Pour yourself a glass while you get all dressed in white.
  7. Practice standing, walking and sitting in the dress to see how it feels. 

I want the dresses on a specific day, is that possible?

Currently, we are offering the wedding dress try-at-home experience with a Thursday drop off and a Friday pick up. We are following all necessary precautions for COVID-19, including limiting our time in the showroom to gather dresses and allowing ample time in between try-ons to prioritize the safety of our customers.

Where is this available?

Currently, we are only offering this program in Chicago, Illinois within a 10-mile radius of our Lincoln Park showroom, but we hope to expand to other regions in the future. You can email for more information.

How do I sign up?

Click here to request the bridal try-at-home service! You’ll fill out a quick survey and we will put you in contact with a stylist once a spot becomes available.

Want to try on wedding dresses at home? Let’s get started!

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