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Try Bridesmaid Dresses On At Home

brideside box try bridesmaid dresses at home

Try at Home FAQs

How does it work?

On every dress page there is a button to “try at home,” where you can select a size from the available size options. You pick three dresses from our site and check out. Once all the dresses are available, we’ll send them directly to you with a return label included. After four days, you can slap that label on the box and ship it back from any FedEx location. Your style consultant will be in touch if there’s a delay.

Why Do The Try-at-Home Program?

Our Brideside Box program is a great way to make sure what you see is what you get since fabrics, colors and styles can look different online. We know you’re busy and don’t want to sort through a ton of dresses. Your style consultant can help guide you to the best options so you only see what will help you make your final decision. Easy peasy!

What if I don’t see my bridesmaid dress color or size?

We are constantly adding new samples to our collection, but we will never have every color (our designers offer over 500 choices!) in every style and size. We still think it’s really important to see the exact colors in person, so we are happy to send a swatch in the color you’re searching for or a comparable style in the right size.

How do I know what size I am in bridesmaid dresses?

Talk to your style consultant. Sizing bridesmaid dresses isn’t as easy a popping on a t-shirt. Each designer has a different sizing chart and each style might fit differently. We’re here to help by giving you all the resources you need and using our knowledge to help suggest the right size.

The Brideside Box program was never intended to be used as a final sizing solution, but it’s helpful to try on something for comparison. Sample dresses do stretch out over time, so we will still ask you lots of questions about where it was too big or too small and promise it can be helpful to see the dress in person even if it’s a size off.

How much does Try At Home cost?

Three sample dresses for $30, plain and simple. And shipping both ways is included in that. Use the code TRYATHOME at checkout once you have the three styles in your cart.

Can I try on more or less bridesmaid dresses? 

Absolutely! Order one, two, five or ten dresses to try. We love when brides order a bunch of dresses and have all the bridesmaids over for a fit party. Contact your style consultant to plan your own fit party and make sure to send us a picture of the fun!

What if I’m in a rush?

Let us know. We don’t promise miracles, but we come into the office everyday ready to do whatever we can for you and will help find a solution.

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