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Tips for Buying Bridal Party Gifts

After all your bridal party has done to help you prepare for your wedding, you want to buy them a special bridal party gift. However, it can be difficult to find a unique gift that serves as both a token of appreciation and a memento. Here are a few tips to make purchasing bridal party gifts easy and fun.

Set a Budget

It’s natural to want to go all-out for your friend on their big day! This is true for the bridal party gifts as well—but you don’t have to feel pressured to spend more than you can afford, either. Set a comfortable budget for yourself as you consider the right gift, while balancing cost with the innate appreciation you feel for your friendship with the bride. What matters more than the price tag is how the gift reflects your friendship with each other!

Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

Different Gifts for Different People

When it comes to gifts, people have different preferences. Fortunately, you don’t need to give the same gift to every person in your bridal party. Instead, purchase unique bridal party gifts for every bridesmaid.You can buy a nice piece of jewelry for one bridesmaid, and a cute floral print robe for another. Just make sure you keep all the gifts within the same price range.

What Would You Want?

If you’re totally stumped for gift ideas, ask yourself, “what would I want?” The last thing you want is to waste your time and money on a gift that won’t be touched for years. The best bridal party gifts are ones that are timeless and functional.Always make note of their personal tastes, if you can, for each bridesmaid, such as their favorite color schemes.If you get a bridesmaid a gorgeous pure cotton floral robe, like the ones you can find at our store, you’re sure to find a dazzling combination of colors sure to wow the gift recipient.

Get Something Special for the Maid of Honor

Typically, the maid or matron of honor is gifted a slightly more substantial gift as they have more responsibilities. Spend a little extra on this gift to show that you appreciate all her hard work.

We have a thoughtfully curated (and super fun!) assortment of bridal party gifts to make gifting super easy and memorable. Check out our gifting collection here!

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