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There’s Nothing Vanilla about Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

Thinking about shades of beige, white or taupe for your bridal party? Neutral tones sometimes get a bad rap for being dull or understated, but we think the shade is undeserved! Neutral colors have a lot to offer and are great team players when it comes to creating an interesting color palette. Let’s dive deep into what makes neutrals so great, and find some inspiration for your own neutral bridesmaid dresses! 

Bridemaids smiling in Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dresses from Brideside
The Jenny Yoo Corrine bridesmaid dress in ‘Latte’ is a great neutral bridesmaid dress with some sheen! Photo Credit: Mary Hayden Photography

What Counts as a Neutral-Colored Bridesmaid Dress?

When you hear “neutral,” you may get a vague sense of musty, pale, toneless colors in the gray or tan family, but this is far from the truth. In reality, there are many shades of white, black, gray, brown and beige that are considered neutrals. Neutral colors are those that coordinate well with many colors on the spectrum. This is why neutral-colored clothing items are staples in every closet. 

Gray, ivory and black are clearly neutral, but so are taupes and champagnes. Neutrals have undertones of blue, yellow and red, making them just as diverse and interesting as other colors. The beauty of neutrals is that they are so complementary to each other but, most importantly, to the bride!

brideside bride with neutral bridesmaid dresses
You can find both this wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses at Brideside! Sign up today to get started.

Why Choose a Neutral Wedding Color?

You might shy away from neutrals because they seem boring, but neutrals are an ideal choice for your wedding for many reasons:

  1. Neutral colors are muted, elegant, and refined. They are peaceful, and create a stunning backdrop for your big day.
  2. Neutral colors are versatile and work well in any season and with any theme. 
  3. Neutral colors complement each other effortlessly. Mixing and matching is easy, as long as you stick within warm or cool families and choose muted shades.
  4. Everyone has a neutral color that flatters their complexion. Since neutral colors mix and match well, you can choose dresses for your wedding party that look amazing on every one of your besties and look amazing together.
  5. Neutral colors are the perfect backdrop for dramatic pops of color and texture. Creative accents bring neutrals to life, and the reverse is also true; adding neutrals to floral bouquets and other decorative elements gives contrasting details the chance to shine.

What are Some Styling Ideas for Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses?

Sold on neutral-colored bridesmaid dresses but don’t know where to begin? Brideside has many different bridesmaid dress collections to choose from, and all of them carry neutral colors. Here’s some ideas for neutral-colored bridesmaid dresses to get your creative juices flowing:

Give It a Touch of Glitz

One way to make neutral bridesmaid dresses pop is with a touch of shine! Beaded bridesmaid dresses remind us a little of the Roarin’ 20s, but modern styling keeps it fresh. These art deco-inspired bridesmaid dresses have wonderful beading to add a little glitter, which is critical for lighting up the dance floor. 

Dance the night away in:

bridesmaids in neutral beaded bridesmaid dresses
Give your Maid of Honor a little shine with this beaded bridesmaid dress look! Photo Credit: Alicia White Photo

Channel Kate Middleton with White Bridesmaid Dresses 

White bridesmaid dresses, at first glance, may seem like a serious faux-pas, but this is actually the original bridesmaid color. It’s a great way to distinguish the bridal party and highlight the most important women in your life. Plus, it’s an incredibly luxe look; Kate Middleton’s bridal party wore white after all. Just think about other ways to add some beautiful contrast. For instance, if your wedding dress has a lot of beading, lace or other intricate details, think about minimal or sleek styles for your bridesmaids.

Dress your Royal Family in:

off-the-shoulder-white bridesmaid dresses from Brideside
Get these beautiful off-the-shoulder Dessy bridesmaid dresses from Brideside! Photo Credit: Stan Lo Photography

Get Tasteful in Taupe Bridesmaid Dresses

Taupe is becoming a really popular color because it’s so flexible. It’s a mix of brown and gray that looks good with a variety of colors. A light to medium taupe stands apart from a white wedding dress, but still gives an airy and elegant feel. The dusty tone of this color feels very modern and bridal, and you can add some oomph with colorful bouquets! Stick to all one style, or switch it up with bridesmaids in different looks. Either way, the look is soft and romantic.

Feel trés chic in these taupe styles:

taupe bridesmaid dresses
Find dresses like these After Six styles in ‘Taupe’ that make you happy! Photo Credit: Brooke Alaina

Adorn a Blank Canvas with Muted Bridesmaid Dresses 

Shift into neutral and create a memorable, romantic, sophisticated color palette for your bridesmaids and your wedding. Check out taupe bridesmaid dresses, and a number of other gorgeous dresses in neutral tones, at Brideside.

Looking for bridesmaid dresses in beautiful neutral shades? Brideside has tons of dresses in sizes 00–32 long. Get connected with a (free!) stylist today.

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