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Thank you Thank you Thank you: Memorable Gifts for your Bridesmaids

The perfect bridesmaids gifts

Bridesmaid gifties!!! Looking for the best way to thank your bridesmaids for all that they are doing for you? Trust us, we know how much you ask of them. From attending your engagement party to throwing your bachelorette and standing your side the whole wedding weekend, we know how thankful you are to have such committed, wonderful friends by your side.

Emilie of Brideside felt just like you, especially when her bridesmaids were flying in from across the country and even London! Well, we have the best ideas for how you can express just an ounce of your gratitude. We’ve asked several bridesmaids to share their favorite gifts with us. Check out these super cute, totally trendy gifts that will bring unexpected joy to all your friends. What bride doesn’t want to make her bridesmaids gush with excitement for such sweet treats?

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