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The Bride-to-Be’s Guide to the Galaxy

Looking for some stellar bridesmaid dress color inspiration? If following your zodiac sign to your ultimate bridesmaid dress isn’t enough, you can always search the milky way to for some color ideas. The galaxy is beautifully complex, showcasing bright hues against deep blacks and blues that you can’t find anywhere else. Except for, of course, your out-of-this-world wedding. Shoot for the moon in lustrous blues, purples and yellows from the Brideside collections and our brand-new selection of Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dresses! Keep reading to discover what colors of the cosmos speak to you!

Majestic in Mauve Bridesmaid Dresses

One of our favorite new trends is mauve bridesmaid dresses! A little bit pink, a little bit purple, these pale hues have a gray undertone. Shades of mauve are a soft and romantic, but they bring a little intrigue at the same time.It’s a great wedding color year-round because it’s both light and cool. Mauve bridesmaid dresses are also complementary with many other colors of the skies. Pair it with navies or grays for a supernova of a look. Or, go stay in the purple family for a sweet and elegant moment.

Brideside Aura Mauve Bridesmaid Dress with White Wedding Dress
The Aura by Brideside Aria Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Mauve’ is sure to leave you starry-eyed.

Seeking the Twilight with Navy Bridesmaid Dresses

Navy blue is a no-fail wedding color. It’s deep, elegant and classic, but never boring. Your bridesmaids will love dancing the night away in navy dresses that complement all the stars in the night sky. It’s also a great formal color that can be re-worn for other events. (Find more advice on how to re-wear a bridesmaid dress here!) Keep the galaxy theme going with sparkling jewelry in gold or silver, or even a sparkly belt — we’ll call it Orion’s Belt.

Brideside navy blue bridesmaid dresses for bridesmaid first look
Join the celestial celebration with Brideside bridesmaid dresses in shade ‘Midnight.’ Photo Credit: Bliss More Photography

Go Ultra-Violet in Deep Purple Bridesmaid Dresses 

Visit darkest depths with deep purple shades for your bridesmaid dresses. Dark purples, like plum, aubergine and eggplant bring all the drama. Depending on preference, you can aim for purple shades with a redder undertone, like plum or mulberry, or go for a cooler purple like eggplant or amethyst. Not only can these shades look really pretty together, but they also play well with clusters of navy, mauve or gold. Whatever you choose, pack in all the beauty of the universe with deep mystical purple tones!

Shades of Purple Bridesmaid Dresses from Brideside
Be a goddess of the galaxy in passionate purples! Try Aura Halley in ‘Iris’ and ‘Amethyst’ or Jenny Yoo Annabelle in ‘Lilac.’

Get Golden Glows from Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses

If you look to the center of the Milky Way, the light appears to have a yellowish tinge, which is why gold bridesmaid dresses are a spectacular addition to this celestial color palette. Golden colors demand attention, but they still give off a sense of fun and wonder. We’re loving gold bridesmaid dresses for spring and summer weddings; the bright color makes us look forward to sunny days. But, if you’re diggin’ yellow for fall, check out Aura by Brideside’s ‘Citrine’; it’s the perfect mustard color. Whichever shade you chose, be happy! Yellow bridesmaid dresses are really heating up. 

Yellow Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dresses at Brideside
These Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dresses in ‘Chartreuse’ give off major star power. Shop Jenny Yoo Alanna and other styles online today!

Dancing in the Moonlight with Gray Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the most powerful shades in celestial color palette is totally lunar. Grays pull the whole palette together, but they also rock as the lone wolf. Get inspired by dark matter with gray bridesmaid dresses in slates, charcoals and silvers. There are lots of ways to wear gray bridesmaid dresses; try velvet for some added sheen or a fitted silhouette for a contemporary feel. If you’re missing bright colors, have fun with your bouquets! Gray dresses will look stunning with bright florals.

Jenny Yoo gray velvet bridesmaid dresses from Bridside
Bring the dark skies back to earth with these stunning Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dresses in velvet and lux crepes. Our favorites? Jenny Yoo Malia in ‘Vintage Plum’ and Dina in ‘Latte.’

Reaching the Space Age

There’s so many ways to bring the stars of the galaxy into your wedding color palette, whether it’s by doing a combination of any of these colors, or sticking to just one pretty hue. Whatever dresses you decide on, your bridal party photos will be looked at for lightyears to come.

Over-the-moon for this celestial color palette? Us too! Sign up today to work with a stylist who can make all of your galactic dreams come true!

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