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Sky’s the Limit: Our Top 5 Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dress Looks

Dusty shades of blue and gray are taking the wedding world by storm. Like blush tones, these soft, romantic hues feel bridal in the best way. We love how calming slate blues and grays are — they’re perfectly picturesque on their own but also support a great range of other shades and patterns very well. It’s the dream bridesmaid dress color! Dusty bridesmaid dresses mixed with bright bouquets are nothing short of angelic. (And oh so instagrammable!) 

The possibilities are almost endless with dusty blue bridesmaid dresses. Still, there are a few fashion tips and tricks that truly make the most of these celestial hues. Keep reading to discover our top five tips for styling slate and dusty blue bridesmaid dresses. 

Brideside real wedding with dusty blue bridesmaid dresses
Dusty blue bridesmaid dresses come to life in this Brideside real wedding! Ask your (free!) Brideside stylist for help recreating this look.

5 Ways to Wear Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

1. Look to the Skies for Shades of Slate Bridesmaid Dresses

If you google the color slate, you’ll find a pretty big range of blues and grays. Slate bridesmaid dresses are bold in color, but cooled down with white or grey undertones. Although dusty blues are not as vibrant as, say, a cobalt or teal, they are by no means less interesting or eye-catching. You’ll find that there’s a wonderful variety of blue and gray bridesmaid dresses in the slate family look heavenly together. 

In need of a little guidance? Your Brideside stylist can help you find the perfect combination of colors, especially if you are mixing and matching styles and designers (like in the image above). Don’t sleep on these new slate styles:

bridesmaids in shades of slate blue bridesmaid dresses from Jenny Yoo
Muted blue bridesmaid dresses from Jenny Yoo are cool as can be in ‘Mayan Blue’ and ‘Storm’! Shop Jenny Yoo Styles Amara, Faye and Priya.

2. Gather Up Some Floral Bridesmaid Dresses

More and more, brides are choosing to mix and match bridesmaid dresses by color, style (think different necklines or bodice details) or with textures like crepe and velvet . When sticking to a similar color palette, a pattern is a smart way to add some variety. (Or put your gorgeous MOH on display!) Enter bridal’s best friend: A floral print. Brideside carries a number of floral bridesmaid dresses, both in large and small print to accommodate any look. If you’re looking for something extra-special, check out Jenny Yoo’s embroidered floral fabrics. Pluck up some of our favorite florals like:

Jenny Yoo Floral Slate Blue Bridesmaid Dresses from Brideside
We can’t get enough of this sweet mix of floral and slate bridesmaid dresses. Styles from left to right: Jenny Yoo Claire Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Blue Agate, Jenny Yoo Emelie Dress in ‘Hydrangea,’ Jenny Yoo Julianna Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Blue Agate,’ Sorella Vita Bridesmaid Dress Style 8746 in ‘Charcoal.’ Photo Credit: Anna Zajac Weddings

3. Make a Splash in Watercolor Print Bridesmaid Dresses

If you’d rather leave a floral focus on the bouquets but still want to mix it up, watercolor prints are another fun option. These unique, painterly patterns are subtle in a soft gray like ‘Whisper Multi’, darker in a pigmented one, like ‘Watercolor Blue’ fabric, and tinged in teal with ‘Watercolor Mist‘ (all from Jenny Yoo). We love the way watercolor prints pick up the deep hues of solid blue colors for a look that is truly a work of art. Complete the masterpiece with watercolor print bridesmaid dresses like these:

Jenny Yoo watercolor blue and slate blue bridesmaid dresses from Brideside
Dresses that paint the perfect picture: Jenny Yoo ‘Watercolor Blue‘ and Dessy ‘Silverstone‘ Photo Credit: Abbie Blair Photography

4. Put Your Backup Dancers in Tulle Bridesmaid Dresses

Soft textured tulle, in blush pink, is usually reserved for the ballet, but a blue-gray hue gives the fabric a modern update. We think tulle bridesmaid dresses in dusty blues are nothing short of breath-taking. As elegant as a dancer en pointe, these fabrics take center stage when draped and layered. Tulle is a great fabric for bridesmaid dresses because it as beautiful in a structured, fitted bodice as it is in a free-flowing skirt. It’s a little bit sheer, but the texture adds dimension.

Brideside has a wide variety of tulle bridesmaid dresses; it’s simply up to you to decide who should be in the corps de ballet! Be sure to try out:

Dusty Blue Bridesmaids Dresses from Brideside Real Wedding
Can you believe these dresses are the same? The Jenny Yoo Annabelle Convertible Bridesmaid Dress can be tied many different ways and looks so chic in shade ‘Hydrangea.’ Photo Credit: Jordan Maunder Photography

5. Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses: The Solid Choice

We love to add visual interest with fun fabrics and patterns, but the fact of the matter is that dusty blue bridesmaid dresses are showstoppers all on their own. There’s something about this down-to-earth blue hue that stops us in our tracks every time. It’s a great pick for an outdoor or rustic wedding because the color evokes elements of nature. That said, dusty blue bridesmaid dresses look just as good with a pair of cowboy boots as they do with strappy heels. If you’re a traditional wedding, add a dramatic bouquet and drop earrings for an elegant look. Solid shades of dusty blue give you a whole lot to work with. Explore these styles:

 After Six Bridesmaid Dresses in Silverstone from Brideside
These After Six bridesmaid dresses in shade ‘Silverstone’ are the ideal dusty blue! Photo credit: Photos By SaraBeth

If slate and dusty blue bridesmaid dresses have your heart, you’re not alone! Sign up today or book an appointment to work with a Brideside stylist to make all your dusty dreams come true.

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