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Seeing Double: How to Re-Wear a Long Bridesmaid Dress

It may not feel like it sometimes, but being a bridesmaid is one of the most special recognitions of friendship a person can experience. You laugh, you cry and you wear coordinated outfits while you celebrate a major day in your bestie’s life. But after all the big day is over, what do you do with your bridesmaid dress?

As joyful as the day is, nobody likes paying for a dress they wear one time. But what if we told you it was possible to re-wear a bridesmaid dress? Read on to discover how to re-wear a long bridesmaid dress, and some smart tips for choosing bridesmaid dresses with staying power.

Red Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Dress you can wear again
Toss the bouquets, and we’d totally wear all of these Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dresses again! Shop these dresses: Jenny Yoo Inesse, Essie, and Ari.

Can I Wear a Bridesmaid Dress to a Ball? To Prom? As a Wedding Guest?

Want to get more bang for your buck? With the proper planning, you can really extend the shelf closet life of your bridesmaid dress. There are lots of events you can wear a long bridesmaid dress to — galas, balls, proms, dances, gallery openings, fancy photo shoots, beauty pageants, karaoke, popcorn at home with your girlfriends…We won’t judge!

 You could even wear your dress to a different wedding if it matches the formality of the event. Your sequined bridesmaid dress might not translate well at Karen’s casual barn wedding, but it might be look perfect at a glam hotel. We’d also advise checking with the bride well in advance to the see what colors her bridesmaids are wearing so you don’t accidentally match them.

The trick to reusing bridesmaid dresses is to update the styling with some unique elements that match your personality. Spice up your reused bridesmaid dress with a fiery pair of heels that have a fun texture or pattern. Consider adding a blinged-out belt or a geometric piece of jewelry. Play with dazzling hair pieces like oversized clips, sparkly headbands or jeweled barrettes. You could also add your own flair with a cool clutch that speaks to you! 

 Amsale Eden: A re-wearable burgundy bridesmaid dress from Brideside
The Amsale Eden Bridesmaid Dress in ‘Ruby’ is a double take: It’s just as chic for a wedding as it is for a formal event!

Bridesmaid Dresses With Universal Appeal

Although certainly not required, as a bride, you can also seek out dresses for your bridesmaids that work well for a variety of events. Simple, sleek styles in easy colors (think neutrals, dark blues, greens or reds) have a lot of repeat value for other formal events. Pastels like blush, baby blue and mint, as beautiful as they are, feel very specifically bridal. 

Brideside sells tons of bridesmaid dresses that moonlight as great party dresses. Check out these trends to get the creative juices flowing:

It’s a Wrap: Wrap-style dresses are in. We love the idea of wrap bridesmaid dresses because they are extremely flattering and allow for extra movement (like dancing, obviously). Wrap-style bridesmaid dresses can be easily dressed up or down depending on your style preference. Plus, the slit creates the perfect opportunity to show off a killer pair of shoes. 

Brideside bridesmaid dresses with slits
Want a bridesmaid dress with staying power? Check out Jenny Yoo Lana in ‘Quartz.’

Back in Action: For a look that’ll turn heads at any event, try bridesmaid dresses with cute exposed backs! A low back is the epitome of modern elegance, and the little details make it all the more special. If you’re looking for sassy cut-outs, we’ve got those too: Try the Aura by Brideside Bianca Bridesmaid Dress. There are tons of alluring tie-, open- and strappy-back styles in the Brideside dress collections for you to explore. Pair it with an up-do and a cute clutch for a no-fail formal look.

 Strappy back bridesmaid dresses from Brideside you can wear again
Dare to re-wear these stunning Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dresses that look as good coming as they do going. Find Jenny Yoo Sullivan in ‘Dark Berry,’ Jenny Yoo Kaleigh in Hibiscus and Jenny Yoo Naomi in ‘Cranberry’ on our website!

Time to Shine: Luxe be a lady in fabrics that shine! The nice thing about our luxe crepes, velvets and embellished fabrics is that they’re great as a girl group or a solo act. Consider putting your bridesmaids in beautiful fabrics with a bit of sheen for a look that translates well to evening wear. Who wouldn’t feel fancy in head-to-toe glitz like Sorella Vita Style 8994? Want a more muted sheen? Aura Zia Bridesmaid Dress still feels special and polished for any event. 

luxe and velvet navy bridesmaid dresses from Brideside
Go glam with speciality fabrics! Navy sheen brings all the modern elegance. 
Shop Jenny Yoo Malia in ‘French Blue,’ Jenny Yoo Dina in ‘French Blue,’Jenny Yoo Selma in ‘French Blue Multi’ and the Jenny Yoo Lena in ‘French Blue’ to get the style.

Go with the Flow: Sleek and minimal styles also work well for other events because they can more easily be dressed up or dressed down. You can always do a bridesmaid dress style that is more boho and loose, like the Aura by Brideside Zoe bridesmaid dress in ‘Ruby.’ Your bridesmaids can make it more casual for another event with gladiator sandal and a pendant necklace. Or, if you opt for a more classic fitted style like Dessy 3012 in ‘Sofia Blue,’ your girls can dress it up in the future with a glitzy choker necklace and strappy heels. 

how to re-wear a long bridesmaid dress from Brideside
Looking for sleek and fitted? These bridesmaid dresses from the Aura by Brideside collection show us how it’s done. Catch us fan-girling over Aura Rhea and Aura Thea in ‘Jasper,’ as well as this amazing wedding dress from Brideside Bride!

The Power of Print: Make a lasting impression with some printed bridesmaid dress magic! From dotted florals to painterly watercolors, every printed bridesmaid dress is memorable and special. The unique nature of these printed gowns makes them super wear-able on their own. We could totally see the Jenny Yoo Farrah Print in literally every color making a splash at an island vacay (Who’s ready for their honeymoon?) If you want to keep the prints to minimum, you can always just put one or two of your bridesmaids in them and the others in solids, like Brideside Bride Hanna did below! 

Jenny Yoo watercolor blue and slate blue bridesmaid dresses from Brideside
TBH, these bridesmaid dresses are so pretty, we’d even be happy wearing them around the house. Check out Jenny Yoo Mila Print and Cassie Print in ‘Watercolor Blue.’ (The other styles are Dessy ‘Silverstone.’)

How to Rewear a Bridesmaid Dress

There are so many ways to make old bridesmaid dresses new again! With some clever styling, cool accessories and a full calendar, you’ll be well on your way to re-using your bridesmaid dress. If you’re really struggling to find ways to re-wear your dress, make your own fun! Zombie bridesmaids are a great halloween costume, after all! Or throw a fancy party at your place. 

If you do re-wear your Brideside bridesmaid dress, tag us in your social pics! We love to see our dresses going the distance. Browse our full selection of dresses to wear again!

Looking for chic, re-wearable bridesmaid dresses? Contact us today, and we’ll pair you with a free stylist to help you find the perfect look! 

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