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Love is in the air and ’tis the season for brides…and babies. We love working with expecting bridesmaids! Yes, the first reaction is to think of the complications. Take solace in the fact that there are plenty of ways and dress trends that will accommodate the changing bodies of your ‘maids.


#1 Feeling beautiful and comfortable is as important for your expecting bridesmaids as it is for the others. Sometimes suggesting that your pregnant bridesmaid wears a dress several sizes bigger than she normally would isn’t the solution. That bump is hard to work around! Try and steer clear of dresses with a natural waist line. Opt for something more flowy or for dresses with structure in a different place.

We love Joanna August for expecting moms because each dress is made with either an elastic waist or a wrap around.

Umpire waist is the best friend of many women and even more so for those with a bun in the oven. This Durga-Kali style is sexy but also very forgiving for mamas-to-be. The elastic waist perfect, the silk fabric is decadent. Click through to see the extra special back of this dress!


#2 Think about extra length. Depending on how far along your expecting bridesmaids is, the little bump could pull the dress up in front by a few inches or too many inches! Take this into consideration, especially when picking a short dress style.

Some traditional maternity bridesmaid dresses like this Alfred Sung style are made with a little extra fabric in the tummy to avoid the skirt of the dress from riding up.


#3 If your pregnant bridesmaid is going to be wearing a different dress than the others ‘maids, it is less important for her dress to be ordered with the others. It may be worth the expense to let her wait as long as possible to place the order and pay for a quicker delivery. It’s hard to predict how her body is going to change so the more time she has the better!


#4 Many of these rules apply to women who have just had their baby! We all recover in different ways so make sure you have a friendly and frank conversation with your bridesmaids who may have just delivered to make sure that they feel beautiful too!

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