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Great Dresses for Pregnant Bridesmaids

Gone are the days when being pregnant meant that you could no longer be a bridesmaid at your friend’s wedding. We work with wedding parties with expecting bridesmaids every day. Our style consultants are here to make sure we get you the best style and fit whether you just found out or will be 8 months along at the wedding.

You know your body better than we do, but there are a few aspects to consider while you try to choose a bridesmaid dress for a body that will be changing as the wedding gets closer. We aren’t huge fans of shapeless maternity dresses so we’ll just give you some guidelines to make regular bridesmaid dresses work.

1. Choose a higher waistline. As your belly grows, you want to avoid tight-fitting styles. Empire waist bridesmaid dresses are perfect for this because they sit comfortably above your growing bump.

2. Choose a soft fabric. You want fabric like chiffon or bobbinet that flows away from your body so you can move and sit with ease. Also, the further along you are former pregnant bridesmaids tell us that lighter fabrics such as chiffon made them a lot more comfortable.

3. Choose a size or two up. Your body will change quite a bit from the time you place your bridesmaid dress order so size up! In fact, we suggest that you go up 2 sizes if you will be in the third trimester. If the wedding is just after you’ve had the baby, we suggest ordering a dress that’s 1 size up from your usual.

Bonus tip* When you’re ready to order, ask your Brideside style consultant about extra length regardless of whether you chose a long or short style. As your belly grows, you’ll need more fabric to accommodate for the bump.

We have many maternity bridesmaid styles to choose from, but here are three of our favorites:

Cute pregnant bridesmaid dresses

From left to right:

Dessy Collection 2846 is a great maternity bridesmaid dress because of the empire waistline and set in ties that allow you to get a really good fit the day of the wedding and can be retied later in the evening. The Donna Morgan Julie has thick straps so it can be worn with a full bra for extra support. We love the knotted detail in the front that drapes into a flowy skirt. The Dani Long bridesmaid dress was designed by Joanna August during her pregnancy as a gorgeous alternative to maternity styles. We love the adjustable straps and flounce bodice that hides the elastic waistband–comfort is key when it comes to maternity bridesmaid dresses.

Need help finding the right style and size for your bridesmaid dress? Sign up here to work with a free personal style consultant who can make sure you’re getting the best fit.

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