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Our Favorite Non-Traditional Bridal Shower Ideas

Traditional bridal parties are wonderful, but not always for everyone. If you’re charged with planning a bridal shower for a non-traditional bride, we recommend reaching out and asking if she’s open to a non-traditional bridal shower. If she is, here are a few of our favorite non-traditional bridal shower ideas.

Spa Day Bridal Shower

Wedding planning can be stressful, and sometimes the bride could use a little down time. We love the idea of going to your bride’s favorite luxury spa or creating your own spa in your home. For a cute home spa shower hire a few local manicurists and a chair masseuse for  for 2-3 hours offer manicures & mini massages for the group. You can also throw one fun DIY spa day shower with a little polish and drugstore face masks. Kick it up a notch with tea, cucumber sandwiches, and other light fare.

non-traditional bridal shower ideas
Image by Zorz Studios

Pro bridesmaid tip: Create mini at-home spa kits for the attendees to take home with them. Perhaps visit a few local farmers markets and negotiate a special rate for buying in bulk.

Yoga Bridal Shower

Perfect for the active non-traditional bride who wants to Zen out for a little while. We love the idea of combining this with a chill tea party or meditation class. We recommend hiring a local Yoga instructor to come to teach your class, if the bride has a favorite in the area try to work with them, otherwise, call local studios to see who’s available.

Picture from Bridal Musings

Pro bridesmaid tip: Avoid any type of hot yoga – we don’t want grandma passing out from the 105 degree heat.

Pictures from this bridal shower idea are from Bridal Musings.

Cooking Class Bridal Shower

We’re huge fans of cooking classes because they make fun dates, great girls nights and even better Bridal showers. Cooking is an easy way to bring friends and family together and work towards one goal. If you don’t know of any places you can take a cooking class near your home, reach out to a few local restaurants to find out if they are able to host your party in their kitchen. We also love the idea of hosting this at a house if you’re on a strict budget we’d dividing the party into small groups to create each course. It’s a fun way to get everyone involved while making something delicious in the process.

non-traditional bridal shower idea: cooking class
Picture from the Social Table

Pro bridesmaid tip: Make sure to avoid meats if the bride or one of her close family members are vegetarians. Also, make sure the recipe avoids any ingredients the bride is allergic to.

If you’re in Chicago we’re obsessed with classes at The Social Table.

Camping Bridal Shower

So we know camping is not for everyone, but some aspects of camping can be for anyone. So if you’re not quite ready to pitch a tent in your local national forest, we recommend creating a Wes Anderson style backyard camp out complete with cute tent, campfire, wildflowers and your favorite camping foods. Don’t be afraid to throw a few lawn games into the mix – we love a great game of croquette and badminton.

Pro Bridesmaid tip: Give everyone a little bit of the great outdoors for later. Create little s’more kits with chocolate, graham crackers and a marshmallow for the road.

Tell us below about your favorite non-traditional bridal shower ideas!

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