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Nail the Vibe: 10 Romantic Wedding Ideas You’ll Fall For

It’s time to get creative! As you start to put the pieces of your wedding together — decor, colors, signage, personal touches, etc. — you’ll likely be thinking about the theme and atmosphere of the whole event. Having the variety of design and decor options that we do today, it’s easy to get lost in the options. We recommend choosing details that complement each other to create a memorable and personalized wedding!

Still trying to figure out your wedding vibe? Think of some adjectives that you would use to describe your dream wedding. These buzzwords can help anchor you to the design and creative decisions that will bring your special vision to life. Grab a notepad, a glass of wine/coffee/kombucha and a future life partner and let the brainstorm begin!

One of the words that comes up for many couples is “romantic.”  Every wedding is romantic (duh!), but what does that mean exactly? A romantic wedding theme is intimate and emotional with soft touches. Some ways to interpret this: candles, flowy fabrics, floral touches and handwritten sentiments. Keep reading for some romantic wedding inspiration to get those design juices flowing.

Romantic Wedding Ideas That Feel Like Valentine’s Day

Bride and groom kiss at huguenot mill south carolina wedding
Photo Credit: MH Photography

1. Get (Dimly) Lit

Have you noticed how the most romantic restaurants are usually dark and a little mysterious? Set the mood with candles and twinkle lights! If your venue is more rustic or minimal, you can add these glowy touches by wrapping twinkle lights around pillars and ceiling beams. If it’s fully outdoors, think about putting them in the trees and outdoor foliage to bring some beautiful illumination. On the tables, you could add candles of different sizes, shapes, even different holders to bring a curated look. Or, keep it more classic with large candle sticks, tiny votives or tea candles floating in water.

romantic wedding ideas candles
Photo Credit: Matt & Sarah Haas

2. Frame It with Florals

If you have the budget, floral accents can really highlight the romantic vibe of a room. There are definitely traditional applications for flowers (e.g., bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpiece vases), but you can always bring a soft touch to any space by hanging florals from the ceiling, atop a mantle or around a wood frame for a wedding arch. Assembling a variety of flowers will feel full and voluminous, whereas a garland mixed with greens is a simple and elegant choice. Flowers are definitely a sign of romance, so this is your chance to really go for it!

On a tighter budget? Look for in-season, local flowers and larger blooms that take up space – less is more in this case!

romantic wedding flowers
 Photo Credit (left): Cynthia Rose Photography, (right) MH Photography

3. Add a Vintage Touch

Romantic weddings often feel nostalgic and remind us of timeless love. Special vintage decor, like books or lanterns, will instill a sense of love through the ages. Ornate frames or vases can be your “something old” amidst the beginning of a new life chapter. If your venue has some vintage charm like an old fireplace or stone-covered walls, lean into it! Simple touches like flowers or draped fabric can go a long way.

vintage wedding decor
Photo Credit : (left) Serena Star Photography, (right) AJ Dunlap Photography

4. Pick a Romantic Wedding Dress That Feels Truly You

The perfect bridal gown is the one you feel so beautiful in you never want to take it off. For the ultimate romantic wedding dress, look for styles with soft details like tulle skirts or lace bodices with just a hint of sparkle. Want something more classic? Try a-line dresses in satin or matte fabrics. Embellish with a belt or leave as is; either way you’ll look stunning! These wedding dresses from Brideside’s Ellera bridal collection strike just the right cord of modern and dreamy. 

brideside ellera romantic wedding dresses
The Brideside Ellera collection is fully of beautiful romantic wedding dresses. Book an appointment to see Ellera Hazel (left), Ellera Emma (right) and the rest of the collection!

5. Do a Sweetheart Table

It’s entirely up to you, but one way to create an intimate space for you and your partner is by having a sweetheart table (an arrangement where the married couple sits at a table for two). You’ll be able to have private conversations, and your guests can come up and visit you throughout the night. It can also create a nice focal point for speeches and great photos, of course!) The sweetheart table is a great personal option that brings all the romance!

romantic sweetheart tables for wedding
Photo Credit: (left) Apollo Fields, (right) Nima Photography

6. Add Something Personal

There’s nothing more romantic than celebrating what makes your relationship special. Personal touches are often the most memorable, and they let your guests see into your lives and relationships. Weddings, as traditional as they can be, leave a lot of room for creativity. So what are some things about you and your partner that you want to share with your guests? Think about what you both have in common and how you can bring that into the equation. Some ideas: A curated playlist, fun facts printed on the napkins, a cultural dance or food service, a framed photo of your dog as a centerpiece or even a table display of your favorite photos. 

Photo Credit: (left) Chelsea Diane Photography, (right) Caitlin and Luke

7. Choose Warm Tones

Valentine’s day is all about reds, pinks and warm fuzzies. Consider bringing these colors into your wedding color scheme! Whether you go soft and sweet with blushes or passionate and vibrant with reds and burgundies (or a little of both!) your wedding day is sure to touch many hearts. You can also bring these warm tones into your floral arrangements. If your wedding is pretty colorful already, maybe stick so lighter hues and if it needs a pop of color, add some saturation! 

rose and blush bridesmaid dresses
Love is in the air! Ask your bridesmaid stylist to help you get dresses like this. Photo Credit:
Amanda Ketterhagen Photography

8. Sign On

Signs have a lot of different purposes for a wedding. They are helpful and directional to guests, and they express well-wishing and emotions to the happy couple. Your signs can be a smart way to showcase the vibe and style of your wedding in a clear, but personalized way. Bring the romance with calligraphic script and hand-drawn details. If you have a friend with good handwriting, now’s the time to pull them in! Or, there are plenty of professionals who specialize in calligraphy. It’s a nice, personal touch that all your guests will notice (and hopefully follow!)

Photo Credit: (left) Chelsea Diane Photography, (right) Kayla Coleman Photography

9. Set the Scene

The small details are undoubtedly touching, but a gorgeous backdrop never hurts either! If you can, set up your ceremony to overlook a lovely view. Also, consider a canopy or arch to get married under. A wooden frame wrapped in flowers or fabrics always does the trick, but don’t be afraid to explore options that feel really genuine to you. Draped twinkle lights, streamers in your wedding colors, or a wall of ivy might feel more right for you.

beautiful wedding photo backdrop
 Photo Credit: Nima Photography

10. End on a Sweet Note

Love is sweet, after all! Share your love with your guests with desserts that taste as good as they look! Even if you have a small cake, you can add some personalization with wedding flowers or a cool cake topper. If you’re doing an unconventional dessert, consider adding a sign or note that shows why you like it so much. And don’t forget to get a cake-cutting/donut eating/ice cream licking photo to cherish forever.

Romantic Wedding Cake and desserts

Love this sweet romantic vibe? Your Brideside stylist can help you pull it all together! If you’re looking for bridal gowns or bridesmaid dresses, sign up today to get started!

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