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Nail the Vibe: 10 Boho Wedding Ideas to Inspire

It’s time to get creative! As you start to put the pieces of your wedding together — decor, colors, signage, personal touches, etc. — you’ll likely be thinking about the theme and atmosphere of the whole event. Having the variety of design and decor options that we do today, it’s easy to get lost in the options. We recommend choosing details that complement each other to create a memorable and personalized wedding!

Many couples choose their wedding vibe based off of their venue, personal style, location or colors. Think of some adjectives that you would use to describe your dream wedding. These buzzwords can help anchor you to the design and creative decisions that will bring your special vision to life. Grab a notepad, a glass of wine/coffee/kombucha and a future life partner and let the brainstorm begin!

Was one of the words you chose “Boho?” You’re not alone! The boho wedding is a beautiful, modern choice. Many couples like the outdoorsy and ethereal vibes that come with boho chic style. Plus, there’s tons of inspiration to pull from on Instagram, Pinterest and, of course, the Brideside blog! Learn how to throw a boho style wedding with these top tips! 

Unique and Unforgettable Boho Wedding Ideas

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1. Go for Eclectic Lighting 

Much like a romantic wedding vibe, boho weddings thrive with a little glow! If your wedding is outdoors, add string lights to surrounding trees and bushes to add some subtle illumination. If you can swing it, hanging light bulbs is also an elegant option. Getting married indoors? You can still hang lights from the beams to elevate your space. Mixed with suspended florals and vines, you’ll be able to bring the outdoors in. 

You can also add some glowy boho charm to table centerpieces. Mix and match candle holders, votives and different-sized candlesticks to create a rustic, vintage aesthetic. If it’s getting too busy, look for an element of unity like a color or circular arrangement. You could also add bottles or mason jars with fairy lights inside. 

boho wedding decor ideas from brideside
Images from: Pinterest

2. Mix Up Your Textures

Set the tone for your boho-chic wedding by decorating with unique and textured fabrics. For more of a rustic look, try burlap or hand-dyed table runners or napkins. Think about adding some macrame details. (A great place for this is in a wedding ceremony arch or on the backs of chairs). Raffia or crocheted placemats are another way to bring a little something extra to your boho wedding.

If your venue allows, you can really liven up a space with eccentric rugs. Layer them as a pathway to the altar, or in areas of the reception area with places to sit and relax. In both big ways and small, patterned or textured linens can really bring some boho-style vibes to any wedding.

boho wedding decor fabric ideas from Brideside
Images from: Pinterest

3. Style with Botanical Elements

A boho style wedding is all about the floral accents. Look for lots of green and vibrant mixes to keep the florals front and center. Boho wedding bouquet and decor favorites include pampas grass, astilbe, ranunculus, succulents, berries, spray roses and all the eucalyptus greens. If your wedding is in a warm area or during a hotter time of year, you could also consider dried florals, grasses and palms. 

Boho flower displays are all about high contrast and unexpected pairings. Play with volume and shape instead of the traditional rounded bouquet. 

On a tighter budget? Look for in-season, local flowers and larger blooms that take up space. Less is more in this case!

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4. Embrace the Great Outdoors

If your venue has the option and the weather is nice, consider doing your reception outside! An outdoor wedding goes perfectly with boho accents. You can go for a scenic backdrop like a lake or the ocean, but we also love a setting in the middle of the forest, in a garden, by a riverbank or on a mountaintop. Frame the area with long rectangular tables and lighting or suspended florals. You could also add seating areas around the perimeter with a collection of eclectic couches and chairs. Some couples choose to add draped lights or fabrics to tent the area a bit without being fully covered. 

The key here is to make the surrounding natural elements part of the decor for a unified experience. For instance, hang lights, photos or even platters of small (wrapped or covered) foods from a strong tree branch. Another idea: Put your wedding arch in front of a stunning focal point and orient everything to face in that direction. 

outdoor boho wedding decor ideas
Photo from: Pinterest

5. Pick a Boho Wedding Dress That Feels Like You

Boho wedding dresses are increasing in popularity for many reasons. Beautiful and effortless, these styles evoke natural and ethereal elements for something truly romantic. Wondering what to look for? Try unique lace patterns, floral appliqué, flowy skirts and lots of texture! Look for dresses that give more contrast with nude, blush or platinum underlays. It’ll catch the light just right!

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6. Accessorize with Floral Shapes

Even if you go with a simpler wedding dress style, your accessories can really tell a story about your bridal look! Floral hair pieces are always an option, as are belts and jewelry. Brideside has a great collection of bridal accessories that would be perfect for a boho wedding. From gorgeous jeweled headbands to leaf-shaped drop earrings, boho accessories can really complete your bridal look and they photograph beautifully!

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7. Work in Wooden Elements

Bring a rustic touch by using wood as a part of your wedding decor! You can do this pretty easily with both indoor and outdoor weddings — tree stumps (rented, reclaimed, borrowed or purchased) make pretty effective side tables, stools and decorative elements. Arrange tree trunks at different heights to frame a wedding arch or ceremony seating beautifully. You can even vases of pampas grass or candles in jars atop or surrounding for some extra detail.

You can use tree trunks and even bark more practically as serving platters, coasters or as part of a table centerpiece. Carving or stamping initials into them is a fun personal touch! Prefer to go more polished? Use wooden furniture and skip the formal table cloth; just a runner or place mats are enough to give this rustic surface some attention.

boho wedding decor ideas with wood  from Brideside
Photos from: Pinterest

8. Spring for Dreamy Bridesmaid Dresses

Trying to figure out what your boho bridesmaids will wear? Some opt for dresses in soft, muted tones like beiges, blushes and dusty pinks to let the surrounding decor (or floral arrangements) really shine through. If you prefer punchier tones, consider hues that are reflective of the outdoors. A sunset palette (think reds, yellows and oranges) is a beautiful way to bring some boho style to your wedding. Deep blues and greens are also popular choices.

We have lots of boho bridesmaid dress styles at Brideside! Whether you want long, flowy dresses or something a little more fitted, we’ve got great styles and colors that flatter all body types. For boho weddings, opt for loose, flowy materials, off-the-shoulder details and textured fabrics. Many boho brides choose to put their bridesmaids in mix and match styles. Total mix and match (different colors and styles) really highlights the unique and curated feel of a boho wedding.

blue jenny yoo bridesmaid dresses
Photo Credit: Duke Moose

Want more inspiration? Read about our favorite boho bridesmaid dresses here.

9. Accent with Copper, Rust and Gold

A modern take on boho-chic style is the use of metallics to offset matte colors and fabrics. This old-meets-new aesthetic can be accomplished in many ways. Gold or copper foil in your invitations is one cool way to showcase your style. (A little goes a long way!) 

For your wedding day, think about framing signs and table numbers in copper frames, or adding some candle votives and vases that are in the bronze color family. It’ll bring another dimension to your wedding decor and it looks amazing with greenery!

cooper and gold boho wedding style
Photos from: Pinterest

10. Don’t Forget Dessert!

We love sweet treats! You can approach your dessert table both in what you’re serving and how everything is displayed. Food-wise, a popular trend for boho weddings is naked cakes — they only have a thin layer of frosting so you can see the texture of the cake. They are often garnished with berries and flowers. Mini-desserts like donuts, cupcakes or tarts are great additions as well, especially if your cake is on the smaller side.

Although the temptation to decorate a dessert table is high, think about keeping it simple so the aesthetic is clear and the food actually gets eaten. Decorate with the same greenery you use throughout your venue. This is a great place to add metallic cake and serving stands as well. Finish it off with a few signs and you are set!

boho wedding dessert ideas from Brideside
Photo from: Pinterest

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