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Mr. Donut, meet Madame Croissant.

It’s breakfast. It’s dessert. It ‘s a “cronut,” and it could be the new trend in weddings.



Although we aren’t sure this could kick cupcakes out of the arena completely, the Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo may be on to something.


So, what’s up with this amazing and decadent new craze? The bakery shapes a croissant type dough like a donut. After which, it’s deep fried and pumped full of a Tahitian Vanilla pastry cream. 


(Yes, there’s more.) Then they dress it up in a different glaze each month—we love the delicate, pink, rose-flavored one from May that was accessorized with candied rose petals. Imagine the flavor combinations and color palettes possibilities!


Let’s bring this to weddings. Stat. Or at least plan a fun bridal shower around them…



Would you dare to try baking this in your own kitchen? The Daily Meal recently posted a fantastic DIY recipe. Check it out and send us the leftovers. Pretty please?



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