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Mix it Up! How to Coordinate Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Trying to figure out how to style your bridal party? You’re not alone: Brides-to-be have so many bridesmaid attire options to choose from. The mix and match bridesmaid dresses trend has become very popular, and for good reason. It puts more freedom into the bridesmaid’s hands to find a dress they love and feel confident in! 

With so many variations and styles to explore, how do you create a cohesive look that still expresses individuality? If you’re trying to figure out what you want your bridesmaids to wear, look no further! Brideside has expert stylists and plenty of resources to help you out. 

So let’s dive in! The first step is choosing the route you want to go in. Here are some options to help you decide how to coordinate mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

How to Pick Bridesmaid Dress Colors

Picking a color scheme is a fun and creative aspect of wedding planning! Think about colors that make you feel happy and relaxed. Your color palette helps tell the story of your wedding day; the elements can be weaved into many other aspects like invitations, place settings and decor. It can be helpful to pick 1–3 main colors and then a few accent colors (often gold or silver) to bring it all together.

Take some time to observe and play with fabric swatches before choosing the color variation you want. Brideside will send you three swatches for free to help you out! 

View full-color swatches in daylight for an idea of what the dresses might look like. In reality, the dress colors will look different depending on the lighting, which will change throughout the day. It’s helpful to ask your Brideside stylist to send you some pictures of real bridal parties so you can see how the colors photograph at various points in the day!

When choosing your colors, play with a few colors until you find your favorite combination. Make sure the colors go with your overall wedding theme, and share the swatches or color combinations you have decided on with your bridesmaids. If you’re doing bridesmaid dresses in different colors, you can give them the option of choosing their color preference. It’s nice to give your bridesmaids a say in color, style or both so they can feel like they are a part of the process!

Bridesmaids in champagne and burgundy bridesmaid dresses from Brideside
Mix and match in these rose-inspired hues! Try the Jenny Yoo Annabelle Convertible dress in ‘Cabernet’ and ‘Cameo Pink’ with a little Sorella Vita 9018 in ‘Rose Gold’ and Adrianna Papell added in. Photo Credit: Kate Parrish Photography

Same Style, Different Colors

Already fell in love with a certain bridesmaid dress style? You can still take part in the mix and match trend by choosing different colors for your bridesmaid dresses. There are so many fun ways to do this. You could pick two or three colors and have some repeats, or everyone could have their own color. Picking shades from the same color family creates natural cohesion. The closer the colors are to each other, the more your dresses will look like a gradient. 

Similar colors are a beautiful way to add a little variety, but if you want a more eclectic color story, you can always play with complementary or split-complementary color palettes. Our best tip for creating a diverse color palette is to look at the tone and vibrancy of the dresses. You’ll want colors at a similar brightness or muteness to bring some cohesion. Your Brideside stylist can give you great insights on how specific dress colors go together and even help you put together a color scheme you’re happy with! 

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses from Brideside
After Six 6760 never looked better in this sweet combination of ‘English Rose,’ ‘Dusty Rose’ and ‘Blush’. Photo Credit: Silver Tree Studio

Bridesmaid Dresses: Same Color, Different Style

Digging a certain color but still want to switch it up? Doing the same color but different styles creates easy cohesion. By letting your bridesmaids choose their style, you’re recognizing a golden rule that one design isn’t necessarily flattering for everyone. When it’s time to shop, your bridesmaids will really appreciate it if you give them specific parameters, like “any dress in this color from this designer.” At the end of the day, a few may pick strapless bridesmaid dresses, one a high-neck, and another a one-sleeve style, but they’re all in the same shade to show off your wedding color. There’s variety in the look, but it’s still unified.

When choosing different styles, sometimes less is more. A good guideline to follow is to switch only one or two features of each dress and keep the rest the same. You can, for example, opt for different necklines or skirt types. Another way to add variety to your bridesmaid dresses is to choose different fabrics. The same color in tulle vs. chiffon, for instance, will look a little different, but you still get the sense that they go together.

mix and match bridesmaid dresses at Brideside
Different styles in a classy navy color bring some variety while still staying unified. Look for Dessy bridesmaid dresses in ‘Midnight’ to get the look! Photo Credit: Crystal Cofie Photography

Total Wildcard: Different Style and Color

If you’re doing mismatched bridesmaid dresses, you might just want to go all the way! Different styles and colors can create a gorgeous bridal party. Play with different tones and hues in the same color family and designer (or throw it all out the window with super unique bridesmaid dresses!)

Neutral mix and match bridesmaid dresses are a great option for this route. Soft neutrals pair well together and let the special details really shine through! Or play with textures and do a few embellished or sequined bridesmaid dresses. Luxe crepe, velvet or satin-back crepe fabrics are another great way to bring a little sheen and add some variety to your bridal party styling. 

The key to total mix and match is to find a thread that weaves your bridesmaid dresses together. It could be as simple as all long dresses or all silky fabrics. Another way to tie your bridesmaid’s looks together is with matching accessories, such as statement jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.), stylish belts or hair pieces. You can even give these as gifts to your bridal party! Whatever you choose to do, remember to have fun with it and pick dresses that *spark joy.*

ultimate mix and match bridesmaid dresses at brideside
Who says you have to stick with one color? Sign up to work with stylist who can help you re-create the look!

Explore Your Wedding Colors

Brideside believes that best friends don’t have to match to go together! For more tips on how you can create the perfect ensemble of mix and match bridesmaid dresses, talk to a Brideside stylist. Sign up today to get connected!

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