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Maid of Honor Duties


Congrats on being asked to be The Maid of Honor! It’s a big job, but it is always an honor when you’re asked! A Maid of Honor is equal parts organizer, party person, mediator and therapist. Wondering what is expected of you? We are here to help and break it down for you.

Keep in mind that every bride is different! Before you do anything, it’s best to have a conversation about how you can help.

Assist the bride with all wedding-related shopping

The bride will likely want you by their side during wedding dress shopping. You might have to make sure all invitees are available and ready. When it comes time for bridesmaid dress shopping, you might have to also rally the troops and help them find dresses. Getting bridesmaid dresses at Brideside? Thankfully, the stylist will be a guide for all things dresses and even help schedule an appointment date. Just be sure to ask the bride how you can help!

You also might be asked to help the bride with smaller shopping tasks along the way, like going to a consultation with a florist or picking out centerpiece rentals. Sometimes the bride just needs some positive reinforcement or assistance in choosing between two items.

Lend an ear, even if she’s going on about the perfect shade of pink for the 1,000th time

Remember how much you love this person and how honored you are to be in their wedding party. Just sit back, listen and provide a little feedback every so often. Putting all the pieces of a wedding together isn’t easy, but your supportive words can really mean a lot in the moment.

Remember that it’s their wedding vision. Help them create the wedding of their dreams, but it’s ok to be honest if you think it’ll help get them on the right track.

Plan the bridal shower

Some brides may prefer to have their close family members through a bridal shower, but it really depends where everyone is located and level of involvement. Not sure what your role is? Just ask the bride; they can tell you if anything is already being planned or not. If nothing is in the works, offer to throw a shower for her yourself. Feel free to ask the bridesmaids to help put on the event!

Remember to send invites to all friends and relatives about six weeks in advance if out-of-towners are coming, and three weeks if everyone is local. Also, work with your bride to find out her perfect vision. If she’s not feeling games or is trying to steer clear of cocktails, come up with some other activities! Think about their personality and what they love to come up with a fun and relevant theme.

Keep a record of gifts during bridal shower

During the bridal shower, take note of every relative and friend’s gift so the couple can send a nice thank you note after the shower. They will be so thankful to have this information written down already. It saves them a lot of time in the end!

Oversee the bridal party

Help the bride out by working with her to make sure the bridal party is all set for the shower, bachelorette party and wedding day.

Be the bride’s wingman: help address invitations, choose wedding colors, pick out bridesmaid dresses

Volunteer early to help address invitations and work on place holders, favors or welcome bags. Have an eye for color? You can even assist with the color scheme if asked.

If the bride is feeling overwhelmed, remember that many hands make light work! Invite the bridal party over for a wine night to crank through the invites, decor or whatever else the bride needs as a team. It’s a great bonding experience, and you’ll get the work done in less time! Sometimes even just having company makes the experience more enjoyable.

Give a toast at the rehearsal dinner or wedding

A great maid of honor speech is an art, and for many shy people it can be a bit nerve-wracking! Just remember weddings are full of love, and everyone there loves the bride and groom as much as you do. Need more help? we have five tips to nail your Maid of Honor Speech on the blog!

Attend all pre-wedding parties

Depending on the family, budget and location of relatives, you might be invited to more than a few parties (engagement parties, showers, etc.) Just relish the chance to hang with your bestie and lend a hand when you arrive. It’s also a good opportunity to get to know the family members!

Plan the bachelorette with the bridesmaids

Get the party started! Planning a bachelorette party is one of our favorite Maid of Honor duties! Just make sure you stick with the bride’s vision for her last bash. Themes are always fun to have as well. If you’re planning the whole thing, remember to take into consideration the budgets and locations of the other members of the bridal party. There’s usually a middle ground everyone can be happy with!

Arrange the bride’s train and veil throughout ceremony

Keep an eye out for the bride’s train and veil during the ceremony and pictures. Wedding dresses can be heavy and the bride will need help getting everything to fall correctly. Even small movements can wrinkle a bride’s train. so be sure to check it every once in a while. She also might need you to hold it when she’s moving or turning.

Hold the bride’s bouquet while the couple exchanges vows

This is likely the simplest Maid of Honor duty. Just remember that you’ll be in some of these pictures too! Make sure to smile and make eye contact with the bride as you help her with her bouquet.

Sign the marriage license as a witness, along with best man

Can I get a witness? Well yes, that’s you! Practice your penmanship and get excited to sign the marriage license.

Help bustle the train for when she’s ready to dance at reception

Bustle before the cupid shuffle! If the bride has a train, help her tie up her bustle before the reception starts. Note that different wedding dress styles will require different kinds of bustles. When the bride says yes to the dress, be sure to ask your Brideside stylist how to bustle it! You might want to go to the final fitting too to know for sure.

Carry an emergency kit for bride day of and let her know if she needs a make-up refresh

Emergency kits are no longer limited to tissues! Pack a small bag with everything from eyelash glue and waterproof mascara to beauty and garment tape. With your emergency kit, you should be able to take on the world! Some wedding planners will provide this, so be sure to ask what the bride needs ahead of time!

Greet guests at the reception and encourage dancing and merriment

Remember when you met all those family members? Now is the time to great them, help them find their tables and encourage lots of dancing!

Make sure the bride is happy and enjoying the day

The couple should be experiencing the most joyful day ever. After all it’s likely she’s been thinking about this day for the rest of their entire life. If anything goes wrong or not according to plan, be there to reassure her and remind her what’s important.

Have you ever been a MOH? If so, what’s the best advice you can share?



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