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Let Nature Be Your Guide With These Hunter Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Wondering how to take beautiful, timeless wedding photos you’ll look back on years later? Open the doors to your best asset: Mother Nature. There’s a reason so many couples choose to take outdoor photos on their special day; natural settings provide such a stunning and memorable backdrop. Greenery will bring your photos to life, and it complements many different design aesthetics. For more boho weddings, an outdoor backdrop feels appropriately earthy, yet for classic, traditional weddings, elements of green truly pack the drama. Although we love the power of dark greens for a fall or winter wedding color scheme, the color looks great year-round. (Perhaps that’s why they call it ‘evergreen?’)

If you want to punch up the majestic beauty of the great outdoors even more, think about putting your bridesmaids in stunning dark green shades of hunter, pine or emerald. We’ll show you how to style hunter green bridesmaid dresses to perfectly fit the setting and backdrop of your wedding, using inspiration from real Brideside weddings!

Sorella Vita Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses from Brideside
Reach the peak of elegance in Sorella Vita Bridesmaid Dresses, shade ‘Forest.’ The Sorella Vita Style 9094 is a similar look you can shop today. Photo Credit: Jessie Zevalkink

Let it Flow in Forest Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Take to the trees for some gorgeous wedding pictures! There are plenty of deep green dress shades that compliment the natural flora and fauna of your wedding backdrop. Brideside carries several greens from different designers that can bring richness to your color palette. We love Sorella Vita’s ‘Forest’ hue, as well as Aura’s ‘Jasper’ color. Add some movement to the color with ruffles and flowy details. Autumn winds will bring these dresses to life! Here’s a few deep green, flowy styles we love:

Sorella Vita Style 8944 Bridesmaid Dresses in Forest
Sorella Vita Bridesmaid Dresses in ‘Forest’ flourish against a leafy background. Photo Credit: Maggie Colletta Photography

Break up all the deep green coloring with some bright bouquets! Wildflowers add an element of whimsy and the brilliant magentas, yellows and violets look lovely against a deep green. Wrap it up with a satin bow in the same color as the wedding dress for a truly pulled-together ensemble. Flower crown for the bride is optional (but very much encouraged!) 

Emerald Bridesmaid Dresses Strike a Brilliant Contrast

The earthy hues of nature tend to be more matte but that doesn’t mean you can’t uproot some jewel-toned greens! Go metallic with emerald bridesmaid dresses in fabrics like sateen twill or satin-back crepe. You’ll love how much these fabrics brighten up any picture, and jewel-toned greens are beautiful on every skin type! Look for elegant pleating and draping; these delicate details with show off the color — and your gorgeous bridal party — with every twirl. Check out these gems:

Alfred Sung Styles D741 and D699 in Hunter Green
These bridesmaids shine in Alfred Sung bridesmaid dresses, shade ‘Hunter.’ Shop the D699 style today. Photo Credit: Ariel Perry Photography

The shiny aesthetic of these dresses is appropriate year-round, but feel very festive for a wedding around the winter holidays. Keep the styling simple with minimalist gold or silver jewelry and a strappy sandal. Or, play up the vintage appeal of with a kitten heel. For more vintage styling inspiration, check out this blog post.

Reach the Ivy League in Hunter Green Fabrics

If you’re taking pictures against a stone or brick wall, dark green bridesmaid dresses are a smart choice. The hue looks great against bright whites, soft greys and deep reds. (The colors are complementary, after all). Hunter green bridesmaid dresses also match the beautiful, stately look of ivy. Ivy makes for a wonderful photo backdrop; it grows unpredictably, creating interesting and unique shapes. Bring back some structure with modern, streamlined silhouettes. Look for clean lines, simple details and solid fabrics to complete the aesthetic. 

Never underestimate the subtle power of chic minimalism. Get an A+ in style with these sleek green dresses:

If you want to add a bit of texture, consider putting your maid of honor in a speciality fabric like velvet (pictured above). Introducing a beaded or sequined belt is another way to add something special to a sleek design without going overboard. 

rideside Real Wedding in Hunter Green Bridesmaid Dresses from Jenny Yoo
Earn major style points with sleek hunter green bridesmaid dresses from Jenny Yoo and Amsale. Photo Credit: Complete Weddings and Events

Make Waves with Mix-and-Match Hunter Greens

Is your wedding venue or ceremony close to the water? Rivers, lakes, oceans — if you’re lucky — make for gorgeous photo backdrops. The cool blues and greens of flowing waters are complementary to dark green bridesmaid dresses, making for a color combination that reaches great depths. 

Get inspired by changing waters and switch up your fabrics! If you’re doing all your bridesmaid dresses in the same shade of green, switching up the fabric is a smart way to add dimension. Think about combining tulle dresses with crepes, flat chiffons and crinkle chiffons. Add shine with a stand-out velvet or satin-back crepe number. Or, play with dresses that have ruching or ruffles to add some texture. Dive right in with these gorgeous hunter green bridesmaid dresses:

Brideside Real Wedding with Amsale Hunter Green Bridesmaid Dresses
The Amsale ‘Hunter’ bridesmaid dresses go swimmingly together. Photo Credit: Candid Clicker Photography

Pining After Hunter Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Brideside has a huge collection of hunter green bridesmaid dresses from designers like Jenny Yoo, Amsale, Sorella Vita and Dessy. Be sure to look through our own Brideside and Aura collections while you’re at it. Explore the looks today in a variety of fabrics and shades on our website

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