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How to Take Your Dress Measurements

Shopping online is without a doubt a modern convenience. But getting the right fit can become a major headache if you don’t have the right information. At Brideside, we know how important fit is to making that bridesmaid dress (or any article of clothing) make us look and feel our best. In fact, we pride ourselves in getting you the right fit every time–no joke! We’ve even created a series of fit videos to help you navigate your beautiful bod through our bridesmaid dress collection.

Let’s start with the basics–how to take your own dress measurements. Watch the video or take a peek at the key takeaways so that you can take your own dress measurements quickly and accurately. Without further ado… “Know Your Numbers.”

A little housekeeping before you start whipping that measuring tape around yourself.

  • You’ll get the most accurate measurements if you are just wearing the undergarments you plan to wear with the dress. (a.k.a. why we don’t always want to share this experience with a sales associate.)
  • If you’re going to measure over your clothes, don’t wear anything too baggy or thick. You don’t want to affect the measurements with unnecessary padding. Also forbidden–sports bras…because they do not belong under dresses and workout gear doesn’t require measurements.
  • Don’t pay attention to the sizes of dresses hanging in your closet. It really doesn’t matter what size they are because every designer has a different size 10. It matters that you get measured correctly and get a dress that fits. A baggy outfit or one that you need to pull on constantly will distract from your natural beauty.

Measure your bust

Best way to remember how to measure your bust is “nip to nip.” You want to go all the way around your chest, over the fullest part of your chest. A well-fitting bra band should lay straight across your back and is a great guide to make sure you don’t let the measuring tape sag..we try to prevent all sagging.

Measure your waist

This is where a lot of people get stuck. Where exactly should you measure your waist? We have a little cheat for that – bend from side to side. Those crease points will identify your natural waistline. Easy!

One thing to remember when measuring your waist is to not suck in your stomach. Instead, take a gentle breath. That will cause your waist to come back to its natural size. No one wants to be afraid of sitting down for fear of the dress bursting at the seams.

Measure your hips

The other tricky point to locate is your hips. Look for the widest part—it’s always easier to take in than let out. If you’re unsure, try measuring where the bottom of your zipper would be.

“But wait, I don’t have a measuring tape!” No problem! When you’re ready to pick your favorite bridesmaid dresses, order a Brideside Box of dress samples and we’ll send you your very own Brideside measuring tape. That way when it’s time to order, you’ll be 100% certain you’re getting the right size.

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