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How To: 5 Boutonnière Basics

The boutonnière is a floral decoration worn by men. It’s a French word meaning buttonhole because men used to stick the flower stem through the buttonholes of the lapel on their jackets. We are now more accustomed to pinning the boutonnière onto the lapel since some tuxedos or suits don’t have a buttonhole in the lapel.

We generally save boutonnières for special occasions so questions often arise right before the wedding ceremony when we go to pin these little beauties onto our gents. Which side? How high up? How do I pin it? What if he doesn’t have a jacket? Thankfully, we’ve got 5 simple tips to keep this as easy as possible. 

How to pin and place a boutonnière

Boutonnières are worn on the left lapel (the side with the pocket!) just below the widest point. You can look for the buttonhole as a guide if there is one. Start the pin from behind the lapel so that you don’t see it. Feel free to use two pins if the boutonnière is heavy or needs extra support–there will likely be lots of hugs that day so be careful to keep the pin positioned so it doesn’t poke anyone. Sturdier flowers or berries will hold up better through all the hugs, pictures and dancing. Boutonnières are meant for jackets, but many people choose to place them on vests in the same spot.

Will you have guys wearing boutonnières at your wedding?



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