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How to Mix and Match Donna Morgan Bridesmaid Dresses

We love mixing and matching a good chiffon bridesmaid dress, we love mixing and matching it even more when we’re mixing and matching Donna Morgan chiffon bridesmaid dresses. Donna Morgan is simply one of the easiest bridesmaid dress designers to mix and match because the skirts of her dress all complement each other.

To get a cohesive look when mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses we recommend looking for the following qualities by following traits:

1.  Dresses with Similar Skirts

You can play with nearly all elements of the bridesmaid dresses when mixing and matching, but we’d recommend not playing with the length of the dress. This is truly the only place we recommend picking one length, shape and style and asking all of your bridesmaids to stick with it. These Donna Morgan dresses are perfect for and another because all have a cohesive length and ruching just under the bodice. 

2. Same Color Family

As your go-to girl for bridesmaid dresses we always try to sway brides to choose one color family for their bridesmaids, it just feel a little more coordinated. You can never go wrong with picking the same color from the same designer – like Donna Morgan’s Chantilly (seen below). We love mixing it with different colors for different looks. Mixing and matching neutral bridesmaid dresses is super popular right now, but it can feel challenging to pick the right color. No matter what wedding vibe you’re going for you can make mixing and matching work. For example, if all you want is an eclectic rustic vibe we’d recommend pairing Chantilly with Grey Ridge and Sterling. Desiring an effortlessly romantic ambiance? We recommend opting for Chantilly and Blush. Anyway you slice it you can’t really go wrong with pairing Donna Morgan’s neutral tones together.

3. Same Fabric

Unless you want your bridesmaid dresses looking a mess we recommend choosing one fabric and using it in all of your bridesmaid dresses. Donna Morgan has her back, all of her dresses come in perfectly matched chiffon.


mix and match donna morgan bridesmaid dresses


We’re not going to lie, sometimes mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses can seem like a lot of work, occasionally it can be, but it’s not something you need to worry about anymore. Our stylists are your go-to girls for mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses. They’ll help your girls find the perfect dress of their body type while still making sure everything is the way you envisioned it.

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