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How to Make A Blush Bridesmaid Dress Fresh

There may be no other wedding color is as romantic as blush pink. I mean, the phrase is “Blushing Bride” for a reason! And there is probably no other shade as synonymous with bridesmaids dresses as blush. You’ve no doubt seen it yourself in a dozen weddings as the choice shade for the bridal party. However, before you roll your eyes and move on to the next color, ask yourself: Why does this shade dominate bridal party trends year after year? Well, there are a number of reasons blush remains a top choice for brides and bridesmaids. First off, blush is flattering on all skin tones. It’s a soft, lovely, and, like we said, romantic. And what’s a wedding without some romance? (wink, wink.) Second, blush is suitable for all kinds of weddings. It looks just as fantastic in a large, upscale ballroom as it does in a rustic, outdoor venue. It can radiate elegance in a formal setting, and exude loveliness in a more laid back one. No other color is quite as versatile. Blush is a timeless tone, making it uniquely suited to weddings. It’s subtle, inviting, feminine, and perfectly romantic.

Have we sold you on blush yet? Maybe these ideas for keeping blush fresh and modern will seal the deal.


Step 1: Choose Modern Silhouettes for Blush Bridesmaid Dresses

While blush is undoubtedly a universally ageless shade, (consider it the “Paul Rudd’s Face” of bridesmaid dress shades) not every bridesmaid’s dress is equally as timeless (think the “Bob Barkers” of bridesmaid dresses, you know the ones).  Pale pink dresses made from dated styles and stiff fabrics will look downright heavy. Blush is, by its very nature, light, airy, and clean. Choose modern dress styles for your besties that echo these characteristics. Like the Jenny Yoo Mila, with its modern and romantic ruffle detail. Or the Brideside Shonda dress with an interesting bodice and full skirt. Or the Amsale Sophia with it’s unique neckline and modern shape. These soft, flowy fabrics, with fun details will help keep this classic color look fresh and new.

Step 2: Add FUN! Embellishments to Timeless Blush Hues

You actually have countless choices for adding modern embellishments to a classic blush bridesmaids’ dress. Lace and beads are some of the more obvious choices. Check out this show stopping Adriana Papell beaded beauty. Or, this unique, all lace Watters stunner.  But sequins, pleats, layering, and even prints all work to add interesting and modern flairs. Like this Sorella Vita style, with a fun scallop sequin details. Or this Watters style, which features a beautiful mix of lace and tulle. It’s also so easy to add a bit of bling to blush, in the form of a jeweled belt or hair accessory, without making the dress too formal for outdoors or afternoon.  Blush is incredibly versatile, so it’s very simple to jazz it up or personalize with fun embellishments.


Step 3: Expand Your Blush Palette, Expand Your World

Blush plays well with other colors, which makes it possible to expand your color palette beyond just pale pink. Feel free to mix in other shades, like pale yellows, pale peaches, prints, greys, and neutrals for a soft mix and match look. Or, go a more daring route and add in dramatic and unpredictable pops of  brighter, deeper colors. Either way, your bridesmaid’s bouquets are a great way to tie the whole palette together beautifully. Think bouquets featuring deep greenery and a bit of brighter flowers mixed in with pale blush blooms. Because blush complements such a wide range of colors, your choices are limitless. Everything looks great paired with blush!

Step 4: Mismatch Your Crew

Not much is more modern than mismatched but “put together” bridesmaids, and blush makes nailing this trend easy. Advise your posse to choose their own dresses in blush tones and see what they find! Blush’s popularity means it’s available from just about every designer in style out there, so it’s a snap to find a dress in the “right” color. And, different shades of blush really work well with each other, so it’s not necessary to fret about exact color matching. Similar hem lengths, embellishments, and accessories will help you pull the overall look together. A wedding party where each lady has chosen a dress that fits her unique style and personality gives everyone a chance to feel amazing and shine on the big day. Nothing’s fresher or more modern than that.

By now, it goes without saying that blush is a wedding shade for the ages. It’s romantic, dreamy, sweet, and ultra-feminine. Blush has stood the test of time for good reason: It’s neutral but never boring, it works well with other colors, it looks great in other aspects of the wedding, and it’s flattering on everyone. Making this timeless classic modern and your own is no problem at all. The right shapes, fabrics, and details will make any blush dress look contemporary and up-to-date. It’s broad versatility makes it the perfect color to capitalize on modern wedding trends, like involving bold pops of color and mismatching bridesmaid dresses.

You just can’t go wrong with blush. Brideside has hundreds of blush bridesmaids dresses in all styles and sizes. Give this classic wedding color a try; you won’t be disappointed! Our wedding experts can help you choose blush bridesmaids dresses for your crew that are fresh, modern, and beautiful; create an account and they’ll start creating your dream blush mood board!


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