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How to Find Fast-Shipping Bridesmaid Dresses You’ll Love

Finding your wedding dress opens you up to making more decisions about what the rest of the bridal party will wear. Many brides are unsure of when to order bridesmaid dresses. When you have a year to plan, you might start shopping for dresses 7–8 months out, and order them by 6 months from the wedding day. The earlier you start, the more time you have to make memories with your friends (like sipping champagne and laughing as your MOH busts out her famous dance moves to make sure the dress is acceptable.)

But what about weddings that are planned in less than a year? If you’re ordering bridesmaid dresses on a tight timeline (5 months or less to your wedding date), rest assured: You can definitely still find beautiful, flattering and color-coordinated styles and Brideside is here to help! We have some great bridesmaid dress shopping tips for when you’re pressed for time. Keep reading to learn more about the ordering process and how to get bridesmaid dresses faster!

blush bridesmaid dresses boho style
A little boho and a lot romantic. The Brideside Lucy Dress in ‘Soft Blush’  is what dreams are made of. Shop it today!

Why Do Bridesmaid Dresses Take So Long?

Still deciding when to get bridesmaid dresses? Bridesmaid dresses often take 8-12 weeks to be made because they are cut-to-order. That means that after you order your dress in the exact color, style and size, your dress still has to be made before it can be sent to you. 

Why would anyone do it this way? Consider how specific a bridesmaid dress is. Not only are there lots of different styles and brands to choose from, but retailers like Brideside offer these dresses in tons of colors so brides can fully bring their color palette visions to life. It would be difficult to carry every single color, style and size combination for each individual bridesmaid in stock at all times.

The second reason for cut-to-order is to ensure color consistency. Particularly if the bridesmaids are all going to wear the same color, it’s important that the hue looks the same from dress to dress. By ordering bridesmaid dresses together, your retailer can ensure that they are cut from the same cloth or dyed at the same time.

making funny faces in navy blue bridesmaid dresses
Choose dresses that make you smile! Your bridesmaids will feel beautiful in these quick-delivery bridesmaid dress styles from the Brideside exclusive collection (Shade: Midnight). Photo credit: Steph Dee Photography

Save Time by Working with a Stylist

If you really want to plan efficiently, choose a bridesmaid dress shop that offers styling services. A bridesmaid stylist knows the product best – how every dress should fit, what colors it comes in, and most importantly, how long it will take to ship. They can tell your girls when to buy bridesmaid dresses and what alterations they’ll likely need as well. Need styling inspiration and ideas? Stylists can recommend certain colors and cuts that look great together. If you’re interested in mismatched bridesmaid dresses, they should also be able to help you put a great combination together, saving you the time of trying to figure it out on your own!

From scheduling try-on appointments to order fulfillment, Brideside’s stylists go the extra mile. They’ll work with your whole bridal party to ensure everyone orders the right dress and color, and on time! When you’ve got other wedding details to be concerned with, we promise you’ll be glad to have this taken off your plate. Take the time back to relax, celebrate or cross another item off your wedding planning checklist.

Check Out Fast-Shipping Bridesmaid Dresses

Brideside’s exclusive collections, Brideside and Aura by Brideside can be made to order and shipped to you in less than 2 months and some options are available in 4 weeks. What’s great about these two collections is that they offer beautiful, trendy styles priced at $150–$200.

If you’re looking for a classic bridesmaid dress look, try the Brideside collection. All of our long bridesmaid dresses are $150, but they definitely look more expensive! The collection was designed for mix and match; it’s easy to do lots of different styles in the same color or blend a few shades together. Your stylist can definitely help you if you decide to do mismatched bridesmaid dresses! 

The Aura collection was made for the modern bride. With tons of sleek, simple styles in sophisticated fabrics, you’ll be able to find the perfect look to bring your unique wedding vision to life. With a great selection of lightweight chiffon and a luxe crepe bridesmaid dresses, you’ll have options for a matte or sheen finish. These dreamy dresses are super-flattering and intelligently designed for maximum comfort. The color range covers the classics while also offering some fun new options. 

Whatever you choose, ask for brands have quick-ship or rush options. You might be surprised at how elegant and unique the dress selection is!

blush and pink bridesmaid dresses from Brideside
Mix and match is a breeze with colors that were designed to work well together. Explore Aura by Brideside for sleek styles that can ship faster!

Need it ASAP? Browse In-Stock Options

If you’re really pressed for time, there is a possibility that you can buy from in-stock bridesmaid dress options; it’s extra inventory that’s available for sale. Because in-stock dresses are already made, they can usually get shipped to your location in as little as 1–2 weeks. We recommend conferring with a bridesmaid stylist before ordering a quick-delivery dress to make sure its the color and look you want and also to get personalized fit notes and potential alterations. These dresses are often returnable but are limited in size, color and style combinations.

If you’re planning for a whole bridal party, expect to get a little creative or do a mix and match bridesmaid dress look. If you need help, talk to a stylist today!

Interested in getting a bridesmaid dresses in the next few weeks? Ask us about our in-stock options! We’ve got lots of dresses in a variety of sizes and colors that may work for you. Don’t be afraid to ask about expedited shipping as well; many designer brands ship faster for a small fee! 

See What’s In Store at Brideside!

Bridside has showrooms where you can come and try on plenty of styles that ship quick. Check out our list of bridesmaid dress shop locations to see if there is a store near you! Come in and spend some quality time with your best friends.

Don’t live nearby? You can still shop all of our quick-ship styles online and even work with a stylist over phone and email. Sign up today!

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