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For All Your Bridesmaids Out There: Tips to be a Fabulous Friend!

The day is finally here.  You’ve made it through the bridal shower, the bachelorette and now it’s time for your friend to walk down the aisle.  The wedding isn’t just a big day for the bride and groom – it’s your grand finale as a bridesmaid!   So seize the opportunity to be the best bridesmaid you can be with the help of a few wedding day tips do’s and don’ts:

Tips to be a great bridesmaid
DO come prepared.  Like a girl scout, a good bridesmaid is always ready for whatever gets thrown her way.  Pack a little emergency kit with: water, mints, hair spray, bobby pins, make-up for touch-ups, a needle & thread in case of unexpected tears, lip gloss, chap-stick and maybe a flask of the brides go-to drink.

DON’T forget what the day is all about…your friend.  So even if you wish you could wear your hair up instead of down or can’t stand wearing heels for more than 5 minutes, keep that information to yourself.  Take a deep breathe, a sip of champagne, and if you’ve done your job right, it’ll be one of the best nights of your friend’s life and therefore yours!

DO enjoy yourself!  Just not too much.  If you’re giving a speech, one glass of liquid courage should be your limit.

DON’T be afraid to run interference.  All the wedding day calls, texts and questions can be overwhelming for a bride.  Help your friend by fielding requests and keeping her stress level down to a minimum.

Good luck, ladies!


Brideside wants to thank Karen Gereffi and Charisse Williams, two serial bridesmaids, for this fun and well-informed guest post! Those brides were truly lucky to have you! xo

Great bridesmaids


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