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DIY: Engagement Party or Bridal Shower

We are always looking for a fun and easy DIY project to turn every event into something beautiful. We’ve got two easy, breezy (seriously, you can print them out) projects that will add a little bit of glamour to that engagement party or bridal shower you’re planning.

Mr & Mrs Banner:

Banners are a classic DIY! This one is short and sweet, perfect for adding a special detail to a small space.

Materials (most of this can be found at Staples, Paper-Source or Michael’s): Cardstock, natural jute twine, patterned paper, scissors or X-acto knife if comfortable, ruler and cutting board, double sided tape, hole punch, banner template (found here).


Crepe Paper Flowers:

We love this DIY! It’s so simple and can really be tweaked to make any size flower you want. We got creative and made small ones for wine + champagne bottles, total party hit!

Materials (found at most craft stores): Crepe paper in whatever colors you’d like, flower templates (print here), floral moss, scissors, hot glue, and card stock.


  1. Unroll your crepe paper and using a pencil trace the 4 layers of flower petals onto the paper.
  2. Cut out the layers.
  3. Now starting with the next descending sized petals, take one at a time and scrunch the ends up to mess it up a bit and make it look more like an organic flower. Repeat this for all layers.
  4. If you need a little stability, feel free to add a circle of card stock onto the back layer–this will help to hang it up.
  5. Glue the layers together and finish with the floral moss (or be creative and try glitter) in the center. *We also added a few leaves to bring the whole look together.
  6. Hang and enjoy your indoor garden party.

Happy crafting, Bridesiders!

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