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Feel Trendy, Not Spendy in Brideside’s Under $150 Bridesmaid Dresses

On the hunt for bridesmaid dresses that check every box? You’ve come to the right place. The Brideside collection is stylish and feminine, flattering sizes 0–28 (plus long sizes for tall friends). Inspired by our favorite gal pals throughout history — As IF you could forget about Cher and Dionne! — there’s a beautiful Brideside dress for every woman in the bridal party.

brideside bridal and bridesmaids
Shop Brideside bridesmaid dresses in ‘Misty Blue’!

You might think long-length bridesmaid dresses made of quality fabrics would be out of your price range, but hold on to your champagne flutes because we have good news for you! With the Brideside collection priced under $150, you don’t have to sacrifice style for budget. Join us as we explore some of the biggest bridesmaid fashion trends, and where you can find them in the Brideside collection.

Beautifully Blush Bridesmaid Dresses

You might have noticed that blush bridesmaid dresses have become uber-popular in recent years. (Here’s why). Bridesmaid dresses in shades of light pink bring a rosy romantic aesthetic that many brides are looking for. Pastel pinks feel gracefully vintage, especially when paired with a classic black-and-white tux and simple bouquets. On the other hand, if you throw in some punchy florals and navy suits, the look becomes modern and bold. Blush bridesmaid dresses are wonderfully transformative yet simply beautiful, even on their own. Check out these bridesmaid dresses we’re blushing about:

Brideside Phoebe and Ashley Bridesmaid Dresses in Ice Pink
These bridesmaids radiate in Brideside Phoebe and Ashley Bridesmaid Dresses in ‘Ice Pink’!

The Brideside collection has a number of complementary pink shades to choose from or mix and match! Look for shades: ‘Blush,’ ‘Ice Pink’ and ‘Frose’.

Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses on a Budget 

Although we think this trend works year round, we’ve seen a resurgence of burgundy bridesmaid dresses for fall and winter weddings. If the notion of deep reds inspires you to pour a new glass of wine, don’t worry; We’re one step ahead of you. Dark red and burgundy bridesmaid dresses are undeniably sultry; they truly bring the flavor and richness into any palette. Burgundy bridesmaid dresses photograph beautifully because they are saturated with color, but just light enough that you can still see all the special detailing. Burgundy bridesmaid dresses also plays well with a lot of different color palettes: blush, navy, gold, deep purple, sage, you name it! Even in small doses, burgundy adds a touch of smart sophistication. Try on our favorite burgundy bridesmaid dresses, listed here:

burgundy bridesmaid dresses at brideside
Brideside Cher Bridesmaid Dress, coming in hot! (Shade: ‘Pinot’) Photo Credit: Lunah Zon Photography

Our favorite red shades in the Brideside collection stand out on their own but they are just as sweet as a group. They are: ‘Pinot,’ ‘Grenadine,’ ‘Grape’ and ‘Berry.’

Make it Fun with Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses

They say variety is the spice of life, so why not shake it up with bridesmaid dresses in different shades and styles? This can be a great way to incorporate each bridesmaid’s personal style into the mix. There are a number of ways to do this; you can change up each style and stick to the same color; keep the style the same and opt for different colors; or a combination of both. There’s no steadfast way to mix and match, but you can always sign up for a free Brideside stylist who can help! It can be helpful to keep at least one element consistent throughout. Maybe you stay within a familiar color range or stick with one neckline. Look at these Brideside dresses that play well with others:

Brideside Purple and Pink Bridesmaid Dresses
This set of purples is nothing short of divine. Join the fun in Brideside Dionne and Samantha Bridesmaid Dresses, shades ‘Eggplant,’ ‘Sugar Plum’ and ‘Macaron.’ Photo Credit: Tom Daly Photography

Consider simple styling and bouquets to let the mismatched bridesmaid dress looks really shine. If mismatched is too daring for you, add some variety with the styling! Play with different accessories, belts or even bouquet colors and see what tickles your fancy.

Live in Long Bridesmaid Dresses

In the past few years, sales have gone through the roof for long bridesmaid dresses. Floor-length bridesmaid dresses have gained enormous traction for many reasons. For one, it’s an undeniably elegant look. Unless you’re a celebrity or a Renaissance enthusiast, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to wear formal full-length gowns. The nice thing about the long-length look is that a flowier style airs on the boho side, whereas a gown with structure gives off a vibe of formal sophistication. Long bridesmaid dresses tell a great color story because there’s simply more of it. Whether all one color or mixed and matched, long bridesmaid dresses pull the whole wedding color palette together. 

We’ve noticed that long bridesmaid dresses often come at a higher price point. Thankfully, with the Brideside collection under $150, you can stay within budget! Although we do sell a number of short bridesmaid dresses (sometimes you gotta show off those legs!), here’s some long bridesmaid dress styles that never disappoint:

Brideside Long Bridesmaid Dresses for $150
A gorgeous array of Brideside ‘Moonstone’ dresses! Styles: Samantha, Cher, Mary-Kate, Rachel and Dionne. Photo Credit: Frame 805

Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses with a Touch of Sheer

Sheer styling is a popular trend both in bridal fashion and casual apparel. A sheer overlay is simple, but creates a lot of dimension. This pretty layering effect takes a bridesmaid dress to the next level. If you want to play with sheer styling, look for an illusion neckline. A major benefit of this style is that you can show off a little skin without a lack of support or coverage. Sheer overlaying a structured bodice is great for a lot of different body types because it can add support for larger busts and dimension for those looking for more shape. 

You can also look for sheer detailing in off-the-shoulder sleeves or even a skirt overlay. Either way, the look will be very on-trend but still timelessly beautiful. There are a number of sheer styles available in the Brideside collection, in a huge variety of colors. Sheer’s what we are loving:

Brideside Gray Bridesmaid Dresses for romantic wedding
Everyone in this Brideside Real Wedding looks stunning in the Brideside Carrie shade ‘Charcoal.’ Photo Credit: Carmen Ash Photography

The Brideside Collection: Universally Yours

Planning a wedding is a bit of a juggling act — between budget, personal preferences, creative vision and family opinions, there’s a lot of considerations to decide among. To alleviate some of these concerns, our Brideside collection was intelligently designed with many different body types, styles and colors in mind. With our long bridesmaid dresses under $150, shopping for the perfect look is a breeze.

Looking for more bridesmaid dress styling inspiration? Brideside’s dedicated team of wedding industry experts is here to help. Book an appointment to see these dresses IRL!

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