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Drinkside: Summer Signature Cocktails!

The wedding party is very often wrapped up taking photos as the cocktail hour begins. So how do you make your guests feel personally welcomed when you’re not there yet? Offer them a signature drink that will stay in their memories far beyond an hour.


Recently, the Brideside team got to enjoy a little cocktail showdown at Drumbar, a beautiful rooftop bar in Chicago’s Rafaello Hotel. We love the idea of grabbing your wedding party and friends for a tasting of your own. Here’s a peek into the evening.


(The #MuddlerMashup was hosted by CS magazine and Brugal Dry Rum. Big thanks to the bartenders who came up with all the concoctions.)

Top Left: Dewy Morning – Extra dry rum, lime juice, honeydew juice, simple syrup, green chartreuse and honeydew ball garnish


Top Right: Stories Don’t End – Extra dry rum, watermelon, angostura, orange, prosecco, and lemon verben


Bottom Left: Dry Heat — Extra dry rum, grapefruit soda, luxardo, spice & mint


Bottom Right: Navigation – Extra dry rum, St. Germaine, blueberry syrup, orange bitters, prosecco and lemon zest


Anna’s pick: Navigation

“I loved the dark blueberry syrup at the bottom of the cup. Really dramatic and photographs beautifully. The prosecco and orange bitters add a little punch to an otherwise fruity drink and it was so refreshing…and strong! This is one I could sip any night and one my date would enjoy too…and yes, I am wearing glasses that say ‘I heart dry.’ ”



Sonali’s Winner: Stories Don’t End

“I’m a sucker for fruit in my cocktails and especially with all of these warm summer weddings, the watermelon wedge was just calling my name. The orange nodes mellowed out the rum just enough for me. Now hand me a croquet mallet or show me to the photobooth, and I am the happiest person at your cocktail hour!”


With limitless options to fit every couple’s personality and style, you’re sure to find something your guest will toast to.



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