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Deep Hues and Dusty Blues for a Dazzling Bridesmaid Look

Blue is one of Brideside’s most popular bridesmaid dress colors. From cornflower to navy, there’s a hue for every season, color palette, and bride. With so many shades to choose from, it’s no surprise that our stylists have helped thousands of brides find the perfect bridesmaid dress shade for their bridal parties.

If you’re thinking about blue bridesmaid dresses, but you’re unsure which shade is best for you, look no further than dusty blue. It’s not as worn as often as other blue shades, which is a shame because it’s so lovely! But it means your bridal party photos will be anything but basic.

It’s our brides’ favorite dusty hue, it photographs like a dream, and it complements every skin tone.

What makes a dusty blue so special and different than other blues? Its undertone. Colors have three types of undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. When you choose a cool shade like ice blue, you typically need the rest of your palette to be cool as well. Same goes for a warm shade like cobalt blue. But when you choose a blue with a neutral undertone, you have more flexibility.

Dusty blue has a subtle grey undertone that make it look more muted than other hues of blues. The grey makes it appear washed out (in a nice way!) so it can act more like a neutral than a true color. It subtly complements warm, bold hues, and adds warmth and depth to cool ones.

Light but rich, neutral but whimsical, dusty blue is the perfect accent color for any wedding palette. It looks elegant on tabletops and invitations, and it’s a beautiful color for bridesmaid’s dresses. Whatever the season, here are a few ways you can make dusty blue part of your wedding’s color scheme.

Dusty Blue Bridesmaids Dresses

Pick the Perfect Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Dusty blue is much different than the other shades in its family. Unlike navy or french blue, it doesn’t need to be paired with a color that tones it down. It’s a muted but still full of personality. And while it can play nice with many bolder colors, it’s just as nice as the main event.

If you want to use Dusty Blue as the focal point of your color palette, you have tons of options. Jenny Yoo Annabelle in Mayan Blue, picture above, is a bride favorite. Brideside’s own version of dusty blue, Moonstone, looks especially beautiful with moody greys.

Pairing dusty blue with any neutral creates an elegant but understated vibe. Mix and match with a muted rose to add warmth, or pale linen for a classic look. It worked for The Girl With the Pearl Earring, and it’ll work for you too.

Cranberry and Dusty Blue

If you’re want to create a richer color palette, there’s no better pairing than cranberry and dusty blue. Pair a dusty blue tulle bridesmaid dress, like Watters Admee in French Blue, with a bright cranberry bouquet for a sophisticated, textured look. You can achieve a similar pop of color by tying a cranberry colored satin ribbon around your bridesmaids’ bouquets, or with a pop of berry lip or cheek color.

Then, place dusty blue table runners under rich cranberry florals on wooden tables during your reception and dinner. These subtle details will feel romantic without being over-the-top.

Cranberry Wedding Decor

Navy and Dusty Blue

Dusty blue pairs perfectly with navy, especially for preppy or outdoor weddings. Ask your groomsmen to wear classic navy suits, then create a fun, mix and match bridesmaid dress palette with pops of navy and embellishments like embroidery and beading.

Keep the bouquets simple with white blooms and muted greens. This palette doesn’t need any extra color to stand out! If you’re looking for more accent colors, add subtle metallics or neutrals. They’ll accentuate the blues without overpowering them.

Emerald and Dusty Blue

Emerald adds an upscale, art deco vibe to dusty blue. And it’s especially easy to play it up in floral details throughout the wedding day. Dusty blue bridesmaid dresses look beautiful with simple bouquets wrapped with an emerald colored velvet ribbon. You can add deep green sprigs to your wedding cake and napkin holders. Weave the color palette into your dinner service by pairing dusty blue votives with an long seeded eucalyptus table runner. Dusty blue will also look great with succulents and other wild blooms as it lightens up the richness of deep greens.

Emerald Wedding

Dusty Blues and Purples

For the ultimate dusty duo, pair dusty blues with dusty purples. Because both hues are neutral, they won’t compete or look too dark together. You can even create a subtle color spectrum between them by asking your girls to wear different shades of each. Start by building your color palette with swatches, then assign a color to each of your bridesmaids. You’ll end up with a variety of fabric textures and colors, blending your wedding colors seamlessly.
With this pairing, it’s important to keep everything else simple. Don’t add other colors to your floral arrangements. Stick with true neutrals, such as creams and whites, to soften the palette.

Brideside bride Kristina, pictured below, chose Jenny Yoo Denmark Blue and Jenny Yoo Thistle as the foundation for her dusty blue and purple palette.

Coral and Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Living Coral is the Pantone Color of the Year, and it’s the perfect punchy pairing for dusty blue. Together the colors are playful and lighthearted. If you’re a more classic bride, choose dusty blue as your focal color. Then, add pops of champagne, and light coral into the mix, like Brideside bride Kathleen did with her Watters Aldridge bridesmaid dresses in Blue Harbor .

light blue bridesmaid dresses

Ready to start building your own dusty blue bridesmaid dress palette? Sign up to meet your (free!) Brideside stylist. They’ll making finding the perfect dresses for your bridal party easy and fun. Whether your bridesmaids dressed alike, or you’d like help putting together a unique mix and match palette, you’re in the right place.

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