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4 Things No One Told You About Choosing Wedding Songs

Picking songs for your wedding is equal parts fun and frustrating. On the one hand, you can pick your favorite tunes that express your style as a couple and bring back fond memories. On the other hand, there are some pretty awkward moments that can arise from choosing the wrong song for the wrong situation.

We’ve rounded up our past brides to ask for advice on choosing wedding songs. Here are their top 4 tips we loved:

1. Unless you’ve choreographed a dance or just generally have some entertaining moves, keep your first dance to under 2 minutes. Anything longer and you’ll lose the audience. Worst yet, you may feel awkward with everyone looking at you for what seems like eternity… like back in middle school. 

2. Super slow songs are actually quite a bit harder to dance to than songs with a clear rhythm. So for the special dances where a lot of people will be watching, try to pick songs that are upbeat enough for a box-step or other simple moves. Even one dance class can do wonders, and you’ll learn new things about one another.

Whatever you do for the first dance, rehearse it before in the shoes that you’re actually going to wear. What works well in your comfy flats might not be as graceful in those knock-out stilettos.

3. The mother-son and father-daughter songs are lovely moments during the reception, but if the song you choose goes too long it will start to fade from wipe-away-tears-special to mind-wandering-boring. Pick your favorite 60-90 second portion from the song instead of the full 4 minutes.

4. Speaking of those parent-child songs, make sure you don’t pick anything overtly sexual or romantic in nature so do a quick read through of the lyrics. Classics are usually a good pick for these.

Here’s a bit of inspiration for you – the most fun mother and son dance we’ve ever seen! If you’re impatient, start watching at 1:10.



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