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Choosing the Best Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Dresses

Congratulations, you’re getting married! You’ve chosen the perfect wedding dress, and now it’s time to dress your bridesmaids. Choosing designer bridesmaid dresses means that you can rest assured your ladies will look and feel awesome on the big day.


Matching bridesmaids


This isn’t the 1950’s anymore. The best bridesmaid dresses are no longer a one-wear item, which then hang in a closet for the rest of their fabric lives. Your closest family and friends want to look dashing on the day you say, “I do,” and plan to pull out that same dress for their next formal evening event. Choosing your bridesmaid dresses has evolved with the times too. Now you have options:

Mix and Match

Your bridesmaids are special to you. They’ve played a main role in your life so honor them by understanding they each have their own body shape. Offer them silhouettes that flatter their figure. A quick look through jenny Yoo bridesmaid dresses will have you hooked on their fashionably fresh, mix-and-match ready lines.

Colors for Every Palate

Gone are the days where all the ladies standing next to you look like clones of one another. You are the architect of your wedding day. You’ve chosen a color theme for the event, and yet there are a host of complementary colors that will make your photos pop. Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dresses are available in stunningly muted shades, viscerally nature-inspired colors, the ever-classy champagne and metallic black collection, and much more!


Designer bridesmaid dresses are available in a plethora of styles. Choose a flowing maxi gown, a sleek silhouette, or empire waists. Offer each bridesmaid the opportunity to personalize their dress to reflect themselves. They can choose stylistic fits like v-necks, full or half-leg side slits, and open backs.


Online shopping is all the rage today. Just browse online, and maybe even try at home. This is a wonderful option, especially if many of your special ladies live far and wide. But, there is something so traditionally wistful about gathering with your girls for an afternoon of playing dress up in a real store. When you shop at Brideside for the best bridesmaid dresses you can do either. Not near one of our showrooms? Request a “fit party” to create the boutique experience at home.

Make every part of your wedding, including shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses, memorable and fun. Explore the fashionably fresh, mix-and-match styles and colors of the best designer dresses available.

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