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How To Choose The Best Bridesmaid Dress

Choosing the right fit for bridesmaid dresses comes down to finding the right balance from the top to bottom. There are three areas we always discuss in getting a great style and fit: the bust, the waist and the hips. Start by determining what sort of waistline you need based on how you want the overall silhouette to appear.

How Bridesmaid Dresses Fit


Natural waistlines, or dresses that have a seam or accent in the middle of the torso, are great to create an ultra feminine figure by flaring out into the bodice and skirt making an hourglass shape.

Empire waistlines, or bridesmaid dresses that cinch just below the bust, are great for creating length from your waist down. The unbroken lines from the bust down give the illusion of extra long legs while the skirt naturally pulls away from the body to drape nicely over the midsection and hips. These look great on bridesmaids with shorter torsos to feel more secure and keep the bodice and skirt in proportion to their frame. They can also work well for pregnant bridesmaids who need a higher waistline.

Details like ruching, pleating or draping in the bodice are great features to look for when choosing your bridesmaid dress. Whether or not you have a defined waistline, the diagonal lines formed in the fabric are good for cinching in your waist, slimming your hipline and lengthening your torso. These details work for all body types although petite bridesmaids may want to look for dresses with flat pleats or simple ruching so it doesn’t appear bulky.


For the neckline, you’ll want to consider your bust size and bra requirements. Blouson tops or cowl necklines are great for bridesmaids with smaller busts. The extra flounce of fabric through the bustline helps to balance out the hips. Bridesmaid dresses with sweetheart necklines are great for smaller chests because they give the illusion of a shapely bust.

Sweetheart necklines also work well for large chested bridesmaids since they form around the bust and create separation offering a really beautiful canvas for some statement jewelry. Our favorite neckline for curvy bridesmaids is a v-neck. The best bridesmaid dresses for big busts are ones that work with a supportive bra. The V in front will elongate the look and draw the eyes up to the face if it’s fitted properly, while the straps cover the bra that’s giving extra support to keep the girls where they should be.


A-line bridesmaid dresses that fall smoothly from the waist over the hips allow the fabric to drape nicely without pulling. Gathered skirts will help balance out a large bust and accentuate a small waist, but a-line skirts don’t have to be as full as a circle skirt. business listing Many bridesmaids dresses can be taken in on the side seams of the skirt to reduce the volume.

Sheath or pencil skirt bridesmaid dresses can look extremely chic and add some curves. However, these dresses can require alterations to make sure the dress follows the leg line without hugging the body so closely that it’s impossible to sit down.

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