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Change Your Wedding Dress Look without Changing Your Dress

You’ve said, “Yes” to the dress. Now, it’s time to make it your own! Your wedding has been planned to suit your style. Why should your dress be any different? Whether you’ve chosen a form fitting mermaid dress or a traditional ball gown, there are plenty of ways to bring add unique details to your dress without having to make alterations. You can transform your wedding dress into a one-of-a-kind gown by adding a few of these customizable accessories to your already-gorgeous gown.

Switch Up Your Wedding Shoes

Even though they may be hidden underneath a full skirt, your shoes have the power to impact the appearance of your dress. When selecting the shoes you’ll wear for your bridal portraits, ceremony, and reception, it’s important to determine the type of look you want to portray. If you’re a carefree and laid-back bride, throw on a pair of your favorite sneakers in one of your wedding colors.

For those country or outdoorsy brides, consider wearing western-style boots. Even a pair of fun floral heels has the ability to change your look and bring your personality to your wedding dress. Some brides don’t want their feet to be noticed. That’s okay too! If you fall into this category, stick with nude or metallic flats or heels. A pair of nude, pale gold, or silver heels will blend in with your dress instead of making a statement. No matter what you choose, you can perfect your head to toe look by choosing the right footwear!

Get Playful with Your Bridal Bouquet

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to change up the appearance of your dress without alterations, get creative with your bouquet. If your dress is white, your bouquet is your chance to bring color to your look. The colors you choose will create a specific feeling or look. For a formal look, stick with roses in deep hues. For a lighter, airier appearance, consider a natural bouquet of wildflowers.

If you’re looking for a unique look, consider ditching the live flowers altogether. Instead, build a bouquet out of gem flowers or flowers made out of sheet music. It’s a fabulous way to add interest to your dress and change up your look.

Try an Overskirt

An overskirt is a removable skirt topper that attaches to your dress. It can be taken off easily to reveal a completely different gown, or shorter skirt, underneath. If you’re looking to create different looks from your ceremony to your reception, but don’t want to spend the money on two separate gowns, this is a great option! By having an overskirt made, you have the ability to wear a full, ball gown wedding dress for your ceremony. Then, you can remove the skirt and wear a shorter, more form fitting dress for your reception—no sewing needed. It’s the perfect solution for the budget-conscious bride. Love this idea? Brideside Bride has some overskirt options. Sign up now to get shopping!

Choose a Unique Veil

The veil that you choose for your wedding day has the ability to completely change the appearance of your dress. It can create an ethereal, royal look or bring a vintage feel to the gown. It all depends on the length, volume, color and material. And some brides choose not to have a veil at all for a modern, seamless vibe.

That said, If you’re looking for a regal look, consider a longer veil made out of lace. For a retro feel, stick with a shorter, tulle-like veil—the more volume, the better! If you’re looking to put an elegant, vintage spin on your dress, try a birdcage veil with feathers or gems.

Check out a Bridal Cape

Another wedding dress game changer is the cape. Capes can be found in a variety of colors, styles, materials and lengths. Some attach to the arms and create a flowy, sheer sleeve-like appearance while others are warm and lined with fur. By wearing a cape, you immediately change the look of your dress. However, a cape can be easily removed, allowing you to create different appearances depending on the occasion. You can choose to wear your cape for some of your bridal photos and then remove it on the day of your wedding. No matter how you choose to wear it, a cape is an excellent way to make your dress your own.

Your wedding dress should match the style and personality of your big day. Whether you’ve chosen a farmhouse rustic theme or you’re planning something more formal, it’s easy to make simple changes to your dress that don’t involve permanent alterations. No matter which style options you choose, your gown should reflect the way you feel on the inside — beautiful!

Brideside Bride can help you find your perfect look! Sign up today to get paired with an expert bridal stylist.

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