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Bundle Up. Fall Weddings Are Almost Here.

Summer used to be the most popular season to have a wedding, but lately brides have been all about the change of seasons. Five years ago, the majority of brides were saying “I do,” during the summer months. Now they’re more likely to choose the cooler fall months.

In 2018, more than 30% of Brideside brides chose to get married in September or October, more than were married over the entire summer! The most popular wedding weekend was October 6th, and the weekend of September 22nd trailed just behind it. June, once a fan favorite, is now the fourth most popular month for weddings.

Autumn Wedding Trend: Cover Ups

These days, it’s all about cool weather weddings! This trend is changing bridesmaid dress trends and styles too: check out velvet bridesmaid dresses or dresses with sleeves for some inspiration.

Still, there are many cute ways to ensure your bridal party stays warm, no matter what dresses you’ve chosen for them. Here are a few options for keeping your cuddle huddle cozy in any weather.

Heat up in Faux Fur

Pairing fur with a formal gown is a no-fail look. Modern brides are using faux fur stoles, boleros and coats to keep their bridesmaids covered, as well as create a refined look for the wedding. Faux fur works especially well in late fall, mountain weddings or any time you might be getting a light snow.  Faux fur is also more ethical, affordable and versatile than the real deal. It can be dyed in an array of colors, so you never have to worry that a faux fur cover won’t blend perfectly with your wedding palette.

Get Wrapped in a Pashmina, Scarf or Shawl

Sleek, elegant pashminas add a little something extra to your bridesmaid dresses, and they’re relatively inexpensive! A simple, solid pashmina or scarf can be used to tie in complementary colors from your wedding palette and to keep your bridesmaids warm. These lighter options are the perfect way to add a little warmth to early fall evenings. Want to delight your guests? Place a basket of pashminas near the entry of your ceremony venue so that no one’s shivering while you recite your vows. If your dinner or reception are also outdoors, consider placing them there as well. You can order pashminas in classic colors like black, navy or ivory, or choose punchier colors that match your wedding palette and aesthetic.

Pashmina or Scarf or Shawl
Photo Credit: The Willows Weddings

Dance on in Denim Jackets

Whether you’re into shabby chic or vintage cool, denim is the answer. Styling your bridesmaid dresses with denim jackets is a great option for keeping bridesmaids warm and happy. Go for a classic vibe with a medium wash denim jacket, or stay modern with an embellished or printed one. You can use them to complement a casual bridal party look, or play down a more formal one. The beauty of a denim jacket is that it works with literally every look and venue. These jackets look just as good at a wedding as they do hangin’ on a stoop.

Denim Jackets for the Bridal Party

Plus a special design for the bride!

Or you can make like Brideside bride Laura, pictured below, and have one custom-made with your new last name! It’s perfect for first-look photos or for letting loose on the dance floor. (Laura also incorporated a taco truck, LaCroix, chartreuse bridesmaid dresses and a ring bearer dog into her wedding day. Needless to say, she is one of the coolest brides in Brideside history.)

Stay Cool in Leather Jackets

Go a bit edgier with a leather jacket for your bridesmaids. Adding a leather jacket to a bridesmaid dress will definitely provide warmth for those outdoor pictures while creating that perfectly cool look ready for social media. Matching leather Moto jackets or a mix of well-loved bomber style jackets will create a unique, but timeless style, for your bridesmaids. Plus it does a great job of unifying mix-and-match bridal party looks.

Top it off in a Capelet

What’a a capelet, you ask? A tiny cape, of course! Boho brides have been incorporating capelets into their wedding dress looks, and for good reason. Adding a sheer or beaded capelet can give you the look of two different dresses without an outfit change. And they work with bridesmaid dresses, too! Capelets are delicate and vintage-inspired, and they provide the perfect amount of shoulder coverage for conservative or religious ceremonies. You can ditch them after the ceremony, or keep them on all night long.

Whatever your fall wedding vibe, there’s an accessory to match. Connect with a Brideside stylist to start designing your fall bridal party look.

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