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Best Colors for Bridesmaid Dresses

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1. Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

We work with hundreds of brides each week and neutral dresses are making a huge comeback. Perfectly sophisticated and easy to accessorize, neutral bridesmaid dresses are here to stay. We recommend mixing metallics or jewel tones with this color for a bold look or pretty pastels for a more romantic look. Explore more Neutral bridesmaid dresses.

best colors for bridesmaid dresses 
Image Source: Love, Asha Photography 

2. Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

This sassy color is growing exponentially in popularity from past seasons. Gorgeous for summery beach weddings. Our stylists recommend coral all of the time because it looks wonderful with all skin tones and hair colors! Read more on coral bridesmaid dresses or shop the Brideside coral collection here. You can also find more dresses by looking in the orange color group.


best colors for bridesmaid dresses
Image Source: Addison Studios

3. Pastel Bridesmaid Dresses 

Pastels are red hot right now – well not literally – but they are popping up in wedding everywhere. We’re pretty in love with any pastel actually. Perfect for a Spring wedding but also unexpected in a destination wedding. 


best colors for bridesmaid dresses
Image Source: Alyssa Turner Photography 


4. Deep Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Various shades of blue are popular in 2014. From dusty blue for winter to royal blue for summer and the always classic navy blue for fall or anytime. Blue is a great backdrop for flowers and accessories. Read more on blue bridesmaid dresses here or shop Brideside’s blue collection.

best colors for bridesmaid dresses

Image Source: Samuel Potter Photography

5. Gray Bridesmaid Dresses

A classic color for any season. Gray can be perfectly accented with almost any color combo, but we love it best modern with all white flowers or bursting with colorful bouquets. Check out all the lovely gray bridesmaid dresses in Brideside’s online collection.

best colors for bridesmaid dresses

Image source: Diana Lupu Photography

6. Blush Bridesmaid Dresses

Blush is a classic, it’s clear why this would be one of the best colors for bridesmaid dresses. This feminine staple also translates well at any venue and with almost any color combo but works best in spring and summer. This is one of our favorite colors to see our maids in. Take a look at Brideside’s blush pink bridesmaid dress selection.

best colors for bridesmaid dresses

7. Mint Bridesmaid Dresses

This fun shade of green is still hanging around in 2014 after making an appearance the past couple wedding seasons.  Great for spring through summer and perfectly accented with gold or rose gold. Here’s Brideside’s collection of light green bridesmaid dresses.

best colors for bridesmaid dresses

Image source: Maggie Sottero

Whether your bridesmaid dress color falls on this list or not, the color you choose can add a whole lot of lovely to your wedding day. And that always makes our list.

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