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7 Secret Weapons of the Professional Bridesmaid

No need to send your army of besties through wedding boot camp. Locked and loaded with the right armor, your ‘maids are ready for anything that comes their way.

Here is Brideside’s go-to list to keep everything calm, cool and collected on the big day (also known as the wedding emergency kit, wedding kit or the maid of honor wedding kit).

7 Secret Weapons of the Professional Bridesmaid

1. Rain, sweat or tears, Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens absorb excess oil and banish shine without disturbing your makeup.

bridesmaids day of kit

2. Picture perfect is possible with this Bare Minerals Touch Up To-Go Duo. Get that flawless look with this finishing powder and baby-buki brush, complete with bonus travel bag.

Bare Minerals Touch Up To-Go Duo - bridesmaids day of kit

3. Dreaded white streaks? Good hygiene is important, so don’t let it ruin a good outfit. These Skid Out Deodorant Removers take care of deodorant marks or the accidental toothpaste drip.

(Bridesider tip: if you don’t have one of these amazing rings, use pantyhose to rub off the deodorant streaks.)

Skid Out Deodorant Removers - bridesmaids day of kit 

4. Take a look in any fashion mag, and it’s obvious that a little lip care can transform a woman, especially in photographs. (Trust us, there will be a lot.)  Take your pout to the next level with this three-in-one: hydrates, plumps and shines! Dior Addict Ultra Gloss is a Brideside favorite in Dormeuse.

 Dior Addict Ultra Gloss is a Brideside favorite in Dormeuse - bridesmaids day of kit

5. Sometimes we trip, bump into something, or our beautiful shoes decide to turn on us. Thanks to Cynthia Rowley BandAids, those are now just reasons to accessorize!

Cynthia Rowley BandAids - bridesmaids day of kit

6. Maybe there was a little peep show at the bachelorette party, but we’d rather not include one in the wedding (not even Janet Jackson could pull that off). Show Stoppers Fashion Tape can manage multiple wardrobe malfunctions. From keeping everything covered to creating a temporary hem, these little strips tackle jobs that safety pins or a needle and thread can’t help. We’ve even used them in our slightly too big shoes to add a little traction on the insoles as we walked down the aisle.

Show Stoppers Fashion Tape - bridesmaids day of kit

7. Bonus for the bride! Wedding dresses can sometimes be tighter then you think and in all the wrong places. A little baby powder allows you to avoid uncomfortable chaffing and even blur out a small stain on a white dress. Need we say more?

baby powder - bridesmaids day of kit

I’m not ashamed to admit that baby powder is also my go-to for hair when I am dancing up a storm and needs to ditch the grease shine. Just a little at a time so you don’t end up with white hair.

So take a few minutes to get everything in order before you need it and you, too, can be a professional bridesmaid. Everyone will be amazed when you use your secret bridesmaid weapons to save the day.

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