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4 Rules on Choosing Your Bridal Party

One of the most exciting and important parts of planning your wedding is choosing who will be in the bridal party – the group of people that will hold your hand throughout the entire process and literally stand by your side on the big day. But how do you pick this group of VIPs?  We are here to break down a few bridal party rules for you.

1. More isn’t always merrier.

Sometimes, or A LOT of times, too many “cooks in the kitchen” can lead to more complications for the bride or the bridesmaids.  There is also a cost that comes with asking someone to be part of your wedding party. Who buys all those bouquets? (Hint: Probably you.) An old rule of thumb is for every 50 guests invited to the wedding, there should be one attendant. Many people believe you have to have an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, not true! You don’t just want to throw seat fillers in your wedding party, this isn’t the Oscars. Pair them up or send some down on their own. With more people choosing brides-men or grooms-women, the rules have become mere suggestions.

bridal party rules

2. Guys count too!

Almost anything goes when it comes to picking your bridal party now. As we mentioned, having a male best friend or “bridesmen” is no exception.  They have a role in your big day too. This also means that the Groom’s sister can stand on the groom’s side – just put her in a color that matches the groom men’s suits  and you’re good to go!

3. The hierarchy has changed.

When you choose your bridal party keep in mind you want people who you think will be part of your future. Traditionally your bridal party would consist of your sisters, close cousins, future sister-in-laws, if any, and your very best friends. But sometimes we form new families with our friends. Your bridal party should represent your support group, not just who grandma expects to see standing beside you. A good question to ask yourself is if you would feel upset if that person didn’t include you in their wedding. You are going to be relying on these people for a lot during this time.

4. Consider the individual but never assume.

Everyone has different circumstances.  Can your best friend across the country commit to being in your wedding? Is one of your besties in 8 weddings that year and is asking them to be in your wedding really going to hurt them financially? If they’re someone you’d love to have stand by your side, ask them but let them know if they can’t commit, that’s more than okay and there are plenty of other jobs for them to a have shining role on your big day. Sometimes it’s just nice to hear you are important to someone else.

Remember all bridal party rules are meant to be broken but don’t work get out there and create some memories!



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