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Bridal hair and makeup mistakes + how to avoid them

Let’s face it – for all the happiness your wedding day brings, it can also be really stressful. There are many details to keep track of and you want to avoid mistakes where possible. While you can’t control every detail of the ceremony and reception, your can ensure the way you look is as close to perfect as possible. To help you, we’ve put together a list of common hair and makeup mistakes many brides make. If you avoid these, you should be in pretty good shape on your wedding day – at least when it comes to your bridal hair and makeup!

Mistake 1 – Not using waterproof formulas. Lots of brides shed a tear on the big day. You don’t want smudges on your face and waterproof products will ensure your makeup stays where it should.

Mistake 2 – Trying a spray tan for the first time right before your wedding. What if the color is off? What if it ends up uneven? Do a test run a few weeks before the wedding and the actual spray tan a couple days prior, not the day before.

Mistake 3 – Trying a hair or makeup style that is definitely not your personality. You’ll still want to look like you after all – just a bit more polished.

Mistake 4 – Doing your bridal makeup before your bridal hair. Do the opposite. Depending on the hair style, water or hair products can smudge or smear carefully done makeup. Do the hair, then the makeup.

Mistake 5 – Adding hair accessories last minute. If you are going to have an accessory for your hair, make sure to have it with you for your hair trials instead of deciding to use it last minute. You’ll want to see what it looks like (and feels like) before the big day.

Mistake 6 – Forgoing a bridal hair and makeup trial. Be sure to schedule your hair and makeup trials well in advance. You don’t want to leave it up to someone you have never met or worked with before. Yes, it’s an extra expense, but it’s well worth it to make sure you’re comfortable on your big day.

In general, when it comes to your bridal hair and makeup look, be sure to try everything at least a few weeks before your wedding to avoid surprises. Also, always keep your wedding gown in mind when creating your bridal makeup and hair ideas. Better yet, bring a picture to your trial appointments. That way you can ensure the whole look is cohesive.

Do you have any other bridal hair and makeup mistakes to add? Help your fellow brides and bridesmaids by sharing those in the comments.

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