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Awesome Bridesmaid Accessories


Once you’ve successfully picked out your gown and the bridesmaid dresses, you will likely feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders, but that’s not the end of it. While the point is to really make you shine on your big day, you don’t want to be a gorgeously outfitted bride only to have your bridal party fall flat in comparison. Having your girls in a fun bauble or sparkly accessory can really compliment you and complete your party’s look, especially when it comes time for group pictures. Although we love all accessories, we’re showing off three favorite bridesmaid accessories for 2014 — it’s the icing on the cake!

beautiful embellished belts #bridesmaid #bridal #brideside #accessories


Not only does a belt help highlight the waist, but if you have a glamorous and embellished wedding gown putting the girls in a glitzy accessory can bring the bridesmaids from mediocre to marvelous. These belts double as headbands and make awesome gifts.

Shown here is the Taylor Chocolate belt on the left and the Kate Tiara belt on the right. Shop more belts here!

Statement Earrings

 Statement earrings for your #bridesmaids #brideside #accessories


Earrings are the easiest accessory for your bridal party to wear after the wedding. Statement earrings are all the rage right now. To find a happy medium between ear cuff and simple stud, we love the edgier geometric designs that are out now. They are a great size, big enough for a special occasion but small enough so that they won’t become a distraction!

Shown on the left is the Quinn Nude Earrings on the left and the Lauren Crystal Earrings on the right. Shop more earrings here!



elegant headbands for your bridal party #embellished #headbands #brideside #bridesmaids #accessories

For a fresh take on an ethereal and romantic look, headbands are a must have. They are striking when paired with loose waves or a boho braid and are elegant accessories your bridesmaids will love wearing! Because of the jewel encrusted bands, keep your bridesmaids in soft, natural looking makeup and hair so that they don’t look too heavy in pictures.

Shown here is the Kate Black Tiara Headband on the top and the Kristina Pink Crystal Headband on the bottom. Shop more headbands here and wear these again as a belt!

Which accessories will you be rocking on the big day? Let us know in the comments.




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