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7 Bachelorette Party Gifts Your Bride Will Love

Whether you’re the maid of honor or a bridesmaid, planning the bachelorette party is one of the most fun and festive parts of being in a bridal party. It’s your opportunity to shower your close friend with the love and attention she deserves. After all, she has spent lots of time looking for the perfect dresses for her favorite ladies, finding unique bridal party gifts, and planning her big day. It’s your turn to repay the favor. Now that bridesmaid dress shopping is over, it’s party time. This is your chance to celebrate the bride’s last few days as a single woman! From scandalous gifts to crazy cocktails, there are plenty of things you can do to take the bachelorette party over the top. Let’s get this bridal party started by counting down the cutest bachelorette party gifts that your bestie is sure to love!

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A Customized Ring Box

Many people will be asking to see the bride’s engagement ring throughout her months of wedding planning. But where is the bride-to-be going to place her most valued possession at the end of each day? That’s where you come in! For her bachelorette party, give her a gift that she can use to safely store the engagement ring she treasures so much. A customized ring box or case is the perfect gift that’s both practical and thoughtful. Whether you choose a ceramic tray with her new initials engraved inside or a monogrammed velvet ring box, this is one gift that the leading lady will love! For special touch, order a box that matches her wedding color scheme. It’s an ultra-thoughtful gift and can be used for wedding photos on her big day.

A Bridal Gift Box

Everyone loves a beautiful gift arrangement, from the classic wrapped gift basket to a sampling of their favorite foods. But picking every little item one-by-one, then packing them all in a nice display case takes too much time. Why not let a team of bridal gift experts curate a selection for you? Shop at online stores like Brideside to find impressive gift boxes for your bestie, like a comfy sleep-themed box that includes a calming bath soak, scented candle, and sleep mask, or a champagne box for the bride who loves the finer things in life. Ranging from playful and fun to elegant and refined, you’re sure to find a box full of treasures the bride-to-be will absolutely adore.

A White Getting Ready Robe

On the day of the wedding, there will be a lot of primping. Hair and makeup take hours to perfect. During this time, the bride will need something special to wear that she can easily slip on and off without damaging her hair and makeup. Give her something that will make her feel beautiful and comfortable in the hours leading up to the ceremony. A robe is something that every future bride needs. Add a personal touch by having her new last name monogrammed on the back. If this isn’t her style, opt for a classic floral pattern on silk in her favorite color, or a solid color jersey robe with lace trim. It’s a gift that will look fantastic in wedding day getting ready photos, and for years to come.

Gifts for the Couple

There’s nothing better for a bride than opening up a gift dedicated to her new union. Give her a gift that’s for both her and her spouse. Hats, beach towels or even t-shirts with cute phrases or a monogram stitched on the front make great gifts. The newlyweds will take your gift on their honeymoon to share with the world that they were just married.

Something Special to Remember

Not all bachelorette gifts need to be scandalous. Why not choose something that can be treasured? At the wedding, the bride is going to be chatting with dozens of people. Each one of them is going to give various well wishes and words of congratulations. Immortalize these meaningful words with a wish jar. Custom-paint a jar and imprint it with the bride and groom’s names, wedding date, and wedding colors. The bride will place this jar in a central location during her reception. Each wedding guest will have the chance to write down wishes for the happy couple and place them inside the jar for the newlyweds to read in the days, weeks, and months, after the wedding festivities have ended. It’s a poignant gift that allows your bestie to relive her special day again and again.

Tickets for a Spa Day

Planning a wedding can be a major source of stress. In fact, it’s been described as having a second job, only you aren’t making money, you’re spending it! Why not chip in as a bridal party and give the happy couple the opportunity to relax? Brides and grooms alike will love the opportunity to sit back, sip some champagne, and enjoy their choice of spa treatment, like a stress-relieving deep tissue massage or satisfying, scented bath soak. Just don’t let the bride or groom have a facial too close to the wedding date. Many people experience redness or puffiness as a side effect.

Emergency Bridal Kit

Inevitably, something always goes wrong on the day of the wedding, whether it’s a loose button, a broken nail, or a headache. When a meticulously planned day doesn’t go as planned, your bride should have everything she needs thanks to her emergency bridal kit. This kit should be filled with all of the things necessary to save your bestie if she’s in a tight spot. Ibuprofen, nail clippers and files, clear nail polish, Band-Aids, blotting tissues, hair spray, bobby pins, breath mints, and a mini-water bottle are just a few of the things you can include to keep the big day hiccup-free and absolutely perfect!

While picking the perfect gift for the bachelorette should be a priority, don’t forget about the other ladies attending the party. Bachelorette party protocol dictates that favors are in order! From customized makeup kits and engraved wine glasses to hats and hair ties, there are plenty of options out there. Brideside has everything you need to plan the perfect bachelorette party gifts and favors. Our gorgeous gift boxes make picking a present for your favorite bride simple and easy. Designed with themes like relaxation, honeymoons, and pampering in mind, there’s something that every girl will love. After perusing our large selection of bridal gifts, it’s time to shop for the squad. We have robes and gift boxes specifically designed for your girls. If individual gifts aren’t your style, check out our large selection of group gifts. These packages include everything you need to get the bachelorette party started! From cameras and champagne bongs to floaties and cocktail kits for the pool, Brideside’s group gifts are a fun way to celebrate your favorite bride!

From the bride to the bridesmaids, Brideside makes preparing for the wedding a piece of cake! Sign up today to get started.

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